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Saturday Farmers Market & A Lovely Lunch

DSC 00i59 2

Early on this beautiful saturday morning (yes, today I’ve been like an hurricane) I went to the local farmers market to buy flowers and a lot of colorful and pretty vegetable which are in season right now. I simply love to go there, which I have ever since I was a little girl in the company of my parents. I …

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Beautiful Beetroot Cake Loaded with Chocolate

DSC 0050 2

Oh yes, you are in for a treat this time! This cake is simply just amazing, and I really just want all of you to make it straight away to improve your life quality with about 20% within the first bite. Now that’s said, you might wanna know what this fellow is made of. First of all it contains a strange …

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Genius Galette with Goats Cheese, Baked Tomatoes & Rosemary

DSC 0g066 2

I’ve been waiting to share this post with you, not because I wanted to keep you in the dark, but I needed an occasion to make the galette for someone else besides myself, otherwise I knew how the story would end; one galette down several hours of stomach ache to go. It’s not that I generally can’t control myself around …

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Cinnamon Buns with Date & Fresh Fig Spread

DSC 0086 2

I am so fortunate that in only a few months I am going to be an auntie for the very first time, yay! I am so proud and I almost can’t wait to feel that little wonderful girl (oh yes it a girl) in my arms, it’s really truly amazing. My big sister, who is the one to be big, …

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Weekend Trip, Friendship, Berries & Danish Autumn

Sss 2

Some of what I value most in life is definitely my friendships with all of my amazing, intelligent and beautiful girlfriends. Each one of them is unique and mean the world to me. That’s why getting the opportunity to gather a handful of them and spend a weekend away from the city in a beautiful and bright little wooden house …

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Twenty Minute Tomato Soup

DSC 0068 2 Copy

Summer time has pasted and has now been replaced with soup time also known as Autumn, yay! I know that many people think this is a bit sad, especially when living in Denmark where the summer can be pretty cold and less sunny than what we hope for, but still I love autumn. I think it’s the most cozy time …

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Breakfast Pancakes with Banana & Blueberries

DSC P0026 2

In the last post we established that breakfast is the absolute greatest meal of the day, for me at least. Thats why I could not resist presenting you with this long time favorit recipe of mine, which melts even the coldest breakfast heart! I know that pancakes are a regular in many breakfast loving homes around the world, but in …

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Rye Porridge with RAWsome Blackberry Compote

DSC 0031 3

If I should pick a favorit meal of the day I would always choose breakfast. I think breakfast is amazing and I could never dream of skipping it. It seems as my breakfast eating patterns changes every other moths or so, it often follows a new seasons, changes in weather or if I fall in love with a new fabulous …

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Pizza with Figs & Blue Cheese

DSC 002e2 2

I love pizza. I simply can’t get enough of this delicious and genius food. Seriously you can vary it as crazy as you wish to. You can make all different kind of versions; gourmet, cheap, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free and even as a dessert pizza. It’s just madness if you do not love love love this wonderful dish. Even …

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Raw Pies with Rocking Ricotta Cream

DSC 0056 2

I haven’t really been too involved with the world of RAW food yet. Yes, I have tried a few cakes, a meal at a Raw food cafe and of course vegetarian dishes with a lot of raw vegetables which you could place in the raw food category. I just haven’t been that tempted by raw food since I love meat, …

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