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Baked Cranberry Christmas Oatmeal

DSC Bo0207 21

I have spend all day cleaning (so boring I know) and then finally decorating the apartment for christmas, yay!! Favourite decorations have got to be the ropes filled with presents, one rope for me with four nice tempting parcels and one rope for Jonas! I know that presents aren’t the most important part of christmas at all (it is the …

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Speltotto with Butter & Herb tossed Chestnuts

DSC 0ch174 2

These cold and cozy winter days sometimes requires a good and solid comfort meal. I actually get pretty lazy during the dark afternoons, and I often end up with just grabbing a quick bite for dinner or buy a spicy asian soup from our favourite take-out restaurant. But then the other day I sat down and started picking my brain …

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Thai inspired Salmon Cakes with Homemade Chili Mayo

DSC 0167ss 2

So I thought christmas is just around the corner and I have warned you, I am a huge fan of christmas. That’s why many of the following posts will be about all sorts of christmas-y kinds of food, and I can guarantee you a lot of recipes to the sweeter side. I’ll try to make them as healthy, wholesome and …

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The Carrot Cake Recipe That Opened My Eyes

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In my very first blog post I told you about the magic meeting with Green Kitchen Stories, one I’ll never regret and always remember.. I’m still totally in love by the way! But I was browsing around trying to find the perfect carrot cake, which is actually much more difficult than you would think. People always claim that they have made …

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A Juicy Smoothie Going Green and Gorgeous

DSC 0183 2

If I say the word ‘smoothie’ most of you, myself inclusive, probably imagine a tall purple/pink drink, filled with berries, milk, banana and other good stuff, and with the word ‘juice’ apple and orange automatically follows. But how about this greenylicious smoothie filled with vegetables instead?? I still love the classic pink berry smoothie, but sometimes I simply crave something …

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Wholesome Muesli Buns with Dried Fruit, Coconut & Almonds

DSC 0208 21

I love the smell of homemade warm bread. I love to eat it, I love to use ridiculous amount of cold butter on top of it and I love to make, bake and give love to a beautiful wholegrain dough! Bread has really been up for discussion the last many years, and still there are so many lifestyles claiming that …

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Crispy Kale Salad With Beets, Walnuts & Honey Vinaigrette

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Last winter me and my darling mom had one of those lovely dates where you spontaneously decides on grabbing a delicious lunch accompanied by a movie and coffee – one of the big plusses of living in the same city as your parents. The memory of the movie is long gone and I bet the coffee was great, but the lunch, …

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