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Beautiful Bean Salad with Lemon Dressing & Fresh Herbs

DSC 0032

I personally think that beans unfairly have gotten a bad rumour, with people accusing them of being dull and dry. Well I think it very much depends on how you cook, prepare and serve them, and in fact beans are very versatile. Who would have thought that the main ingredient in the best chocolate cake ever is black beans, or …

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Lentil & Leek Pot with Curry, Seasonal Apples & lots of Cabbage


There is no doubt about how much I love food. All kinds of food, all cultures, kitchens, flavours, textures and I could go on like this forever. Unfortunately you can’t have it all everyday and sometimes I do get stuck and totally uninspired when it comes to the never ending question: What should we have for dinner. This is sometimes …

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Vegetarian Mushroom Stew with Velvet Celeriac Mash

DSC 0151

Finally I have finished my exam paper and I am now having a mini vacation. The only thing I plan on doing is to relax, go for a lot of long and beautiful snowy walks and eat warm, comforting winter food. I have started my vacation today where I basically haven’t left the couch. Sometimes you just need one of …

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Barley Porridge with Maple Glazed Almonds & Blood Orange + recipe for leftover Porridge Pancakes

Two In One

Right now my head is totally filled up with all kinds of clinical nutrition stuff. I am in the middle of writing my exam paper about obesity in all different aspects. And while my cheeks are flushing, my stomach rumbling and my head spinning like crazy I still feel like writing a new post. Because even at the most stressful …

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Portobello Burger with Green Bean Fries & Yoghurt Aioli

Portobello Burgers

It is time for a good old burger…or is it? In my opinion you can easily have burgers everyday, oh yes. You just need to be creative and willing to substitute some of the original elements and ingredients with new and super delicious alternatives. I have made burgers in so many different ways I can’t even remember. I have substituted …

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Savoury Spinach Muffins with Onions & Ricotta

DSC 0213

Happy New Years everyone! I truly hope you all had a magical night with fun, flavours and great company! I had the best New Years Eve ever. We were a lot of friend together and prior to the night we have had tons of mail correspondence about decoration, menu, colour theme and just telling each other how much we looked …

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