Baked breakfast bars with muesli and raspberries

Baked breakfast bars with muesli and raspberries

Lately a lot of wonderful things have been happening and everything suddenly seem to speed up. It is not more than 8 months since I started blogging and I am still surprised how much feedback and wonderful comments I receive from all of you. Every time I get a new like on Facebook or a new follower on Instagram it makes me so happy and I keep getting surprised that so many people learn about the blog and that it just doesn’t seem to stop but actually just takes on speed, AWESOME! 
Some of my work has been featured on different webpages, magazines and lately the guardian cook has started to feature my recipes too. It is such an honour to be recognized for what I do and love, and it makes me wanna try even harder; keep on developing, cooking, adjusting and experimenting in order to make the best recipes possible.
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a PR-bureau asking me if I would be interested in experimenting with some organic, partly fairtrade and whole products from Urtekram. Since this organic brand is a favourite of mine I did not hesitate to say yes and since then I have received a wonderful package filled with organic grains, seeds, honey, jams etc. and as some of you have already seen on Instagram, these products have been converted into hot ‘breakfast’ stuff.

Honey and breakfast bars

This time I wanted to make an easy, delicious and healthy breakfast which is actually possible to grab on-the-go without having to be in a cup. This recipe is related to baked oatmeal but it is a more firm and dense version of the classic recipe. I have used a spelt & date muesli from urtekram. Since the muesli is filled with lovely pieces of dried dates and roasted coconut flakes you don’t really need to add any extra crunch or dried fruit. This makes the recipe really simple and so easy to make – which is a really big plus when it comes to breakfast.

Baked breakfast bars with muesli and raspberries

These bars are perfect as a breakfast meal. You’ll get protein from the dairy products (you can of course use non-dairy milk and yoghurt as well) natural fibres from the oat and spelt flakes, antioxidants from the berries and they are not sweetened too much or filled with processed carbohydrates. I love to serve them with a dollop of yoghurt or crumble them on top of a bowl with fruit and yoghurt. And those mornings where I am heading for the gym I like to grab a bar to-go.

Tea and breakfast bars

In my magic organic box I got many tasty products which I have used a lot. I have been making too many pancakes just in order to splash them with maple syrup and somehow jam has become a steady guest in my bowl of yoghurt. Even though most of the things I received are breakfast and snack products, I have actually included some crunchy quinoa flakes in my next savoury blog post – Can’t wait to share it with you!
But for now I really hope you’ll try these bars – they will change your mornings for sure at least when it comes to time…just make them today and you can stay 10 extra minutes in bed tomorrow.

Baked breakfast bars w. raspberries and granola

Happy mornings and love
Josephine Malene

Baked breakfast bars w. tea and yoghurt on the side

  1. SophiaSophia03-19-2013

    I just came across your blog today (through your amazing instagram account!) and am absolutely in love – the beautiful recipes, the fantastic styling and the gorgeous photographs. I will definitely be back soon to peruse the archives!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-20-2013

      Hi Sophia, so great and THANK you! It’s wonderful to hear that Instagram actually leads people to the blog :) Hope you’ll get a lot of inspiration in here!
      All the best from Josephine

  2. Maria Samsøe-SchmidtMaria Samsøe-Schmidt03-19-2013

    ARG hvor lækkert! Det skal så meget prøves og jeg har endda alle ingredienserne :-O
    Jeg har virkelig haft problemer med de dage hvor jeg træner om morgenen og skal direkte i skole bagefter. Der bliver jeg nødt til at spise min morgenmad imens jeg klæder om, og det er ikke nemt at finde en opskrift på noget der er let at transportere og nemt at spise, når det jo helst skal ske inden for 30 min. efter ens træning (læs: har fået et par blikke når jeg har stået og fumlet med en bøtte med skyr, en med branflakes, og en pose med udskåret frugt nede i omklædningsrummet ;-) ) De her barer kommer mig så meget til gode, tusind tak for det!!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-20-2013

      Hahaha, okay det var et fantastisk billede jeg lige fik der. Jeg har virkelig også stået og snasket med morgenmad utallige gange, men hey, det er sgu os der får noget ordentlig i skrutten og ikke bare en croissant og latte fra 7 eleven til at restituere på :) Skønt du kan bruge opskriften, håber de bliver skønne!

      • Maria Samsøe-SchmidtMaria Samsøe-Schmidt03-20-2013

        Jeg er i helt samme mening – hellere en upraktisk madpakke end ingenting! I dag blev det til en hjemmelavet peanutbutter/banan-milkshake hældt i en vandflaske og en rugbrødsklapper med spejlæg og salat i staniol – selvfølgelig skulle rugbrødet krumme og falde fra hinanden! ;-)
        For reste, blev rigtig glad for at se at du havde skrevet kalorier på, for så er det nemmere at vide hvor meget af “bradepanden” man kan spise. Jeg har nemlig en kostplan jeg skal følge (for mit vedkommende er det for IKKE at tabe mig), så nogle gange er det svært at prøve nye ting hvis jeg skal være sikker på at jeg får nok uden selv at skulle gå igang med beregningerne. Det ville være fantastisk hvis du kunne gøre det igen :-)
        Jeg bliver superinspireret af din blog, thumps up herfra!

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog and all its goodness, am not surprised you’re getting so much love and attention! These bars are no exception, they look delightful.

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-20-2013

      Oh thank you so much – (see here is one of those comments that makes my day!!) Wonderful to hear, hope you’ll find lot of inspiration here :)

  4. EmilieEmilie03-20-2013

    Haps – dem vil jeg lave snarest!! De ser for gode ud.
    Din blog er virkelig fin med super flotte billeder og lækker mad!

  5. Laura DembowskiLaura Dembowski03-20-2013

    These bars look great! The raspberries make them so pretty! I have been blogging for a little over a year and am amazed at the different cool things that happen.

  6. AmyAmy03-21-2013

    Dear Josephine! once again a beautiful post with wonderful pictures! You are very talented!!

  7. SarahSarah03-21-2013

    Homemade breakfast bars are always better than store bought, and these look absolutely delicious. I love your blog and look forward to seeing more!

  8. CarinaCarina03-25-2013

    Kan man udskifte bananer med noget andet? Jeg er nemlig ikke så pjattet med bananer ;)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-25-2013

      Hej Carina. Du behøver ikke at putte banan i, den giver en dejlig konsistens og lidt sødme, men det kan godt gå an uden. Jeg vil dog lige sige at banan smagen på igen måde trænger igennem, så måske du skulle gi den en chance :)

      • CarinaCarina03-26-2013

        Det kan godt være, jeg skal prøve dem med så :) Men jeg synes bare altid, man kan smage tingene, hvis man ikke kan lide dem, selvom andre siger, man ikke kan smage det – kender du det ;)?

  9. Maria Samsøe-SchmidtMaria Samsøe-Schmidt03-25-2013

    Har lige bagt dine barer og skal til at skære dem ud, men så blev jeg lige i tvivl om størrelsen. I dine barer er der 152 kcal i hver, men ved du hvor meget de vejer? Så har jeg noget at gå ud fra når jeg ellers ikke ved hvor mange kcal der er pr. 100 g. Glæder mig til at smage dem, de dufter for vildt!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-25-2013

      Jeg har desværre ikke vejet dem, og har faktisk lige spist den sidste jeg havde, så jeg kan ikke hjælpe lige her :(

      • Maria SMaria S03-25-2013

        Det er så iorden :-) Kan du skrive det næste gang du laver dem?

  10. RandiRandi03-29-2013

    Thease bars taste so good. MUCH better than any other bars I have tried. But my batter was very liquid, and they ended up with a burnec crust and a bit raw in the middle. And the consistency is hard to ignore, which unfortunately makes them not so delicious… Any idea what I did wrong? I used 200 g almondmilk and 200 g fromage frais. Can I save the next portion by baking then longer at e.g. 170*C?

    It´s an amazing blog you have here, beautiful layout and delicious reciepes. Good job :)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-29-2013

      Hi Randi. Oh no, that’s not good. I actually just realised that I only baked mine at 180 C (SO SORRY, it is corrected in the recipe now) so yes definitely try heating the oven to maybe only 175 C next try, bet that would make a big difference. In relation to the texture of the batter, I would recommend you to add an extra hand full of oats, just to be sure that all of the liquid get soaked. Glad the taste was good though, and hopefully you’ll get a perfect result with the next portion :)

  11. HeleneHelene04-17-2013

    Jeg blev anbefalet din side af din veninde Line.
    Generelt hygger jeg mig med at læse din blog, og nu har jeg lige bagt disse fantastiske müslibarer og er SÅ vild med dem! De smager fantastisk og passer lige ind i mine morgenrutiner :-)
    Tak for en hyggelig side og skønne opskrifter :-)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-18-2013

      Hi Helene. Hvor dejligt at de faldt i god jord, og hvor er det skønt at bloggen bliver anbefalet mund til mund. Jeg er glad for at du nyder indlæggende og opskrifterne :)

  12. RosemaryRosemary05-20-2013

    They look lovely and I would love to make these but cannot have oats/gluten – could I substitute something else in their place please?

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-20-2013

      Hi Rosemary. I would actually just suggest that you buy gluten free rolled oats. These should be available in most supermarkets or health stores, and are guaranteed to be 100 % gluten free.

      • RosemaryRosemary06-20-2013

        Have tried these too and I find that they also upset me.

        • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene06-20-2013

          Hi Rosemary. What exactly do you mean? Are the recipe not working as it should?

          • RosemaryRosemary06-20-2013

            Nothing to do with the recipe, it’s just that I can’t tolerate the gluten free oats either.

          • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene06-20-2013

            Of course, sorry got a little of track here :) Well, then I would actually suggest you to use buckwheat. Either flakes or whole buckwheat. Just adjust the amount of fluid/grain so that the texture of the batter will still be like thick porridge.

          • RosemaryRosemary06-21-2013

            Thanks I’ll have to try that.

      • RosemaryRosemary06-18-2014

        Unfortunately I still have problems with GF oats.

  13. SoniaSonia08-22-2014

    I baked them today and I love them, I will try to adapt it for my baby! I found some Urtekram products in my supermarket (Jag bor i Sverige) and will explore more of you recipes. Your website is dreamy, it makes me want to try so many recipes..on a budget. I am a serving platters lover and drool regularly over your blog.

  14. SofieSofie09-04-2014

    Har længe elsket denne opskrift, men har ikke rigtig fået bagt disse herlige barer efter at have boet i USA i lidt mere end et år. Heldigvis kom jeg i tanke om dem, da jeg ville bage sidste weekend. Jeg havde de fleste ingredienser, men ingen æg eller yoghurt, så jeg bagte dem med flax-æg og chia-frø – hvilken succes! Tænkte at jeg lige ville dele ideen om at gøre barerne veganske
    – Sofie

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