Caramelized Banana & Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles

Caramelized banana & coconut ice cream popsicles - A Tasty Love Story

It has been quite a busy Easter this time around, resulting in a postponed blog post, but now it has all quite down and I am ready to share a little new favourite of mine. Since we have received so much sunshine and spring atmosphere already I thought it was time to release my ice cream maker from the dusty cupboard and let it loose to work its magic. I Have always thought that ice cream making would be somewhat of a challenge. Confused with whether you should add eggs, adjust the sweetness, heat some part of it before freezing, and what about the content of fat and it’s influence on texture – Oh jeez I am already loosing my breath over here. So far I have not really followed any rules – but more likely chosen the most simple way and found that it works to my satisfaction. I believe this recipe is the easiest one I have tried so far, and you don’t actually need an ice cream maker to get a proper results as long as you are making popsicles.

Caramelized banana & coconut ice cream popsicles - A Tasty Love Story

As always I like my recipes to be versatile so we can satisfy as many tastebuds and food preferences as possible. So here we have a vegan ice cream without any refined sugar or artificial add-ins – and since it has been tested quite some times already, I have found that is suits most tastebuds regardless of gender and indulgence preference (thank you guys and beloved guinea pigs, you know who you are)
The first time around I used a can of coconut cream and this result was magnificent and really creamy, so that is definitely a excellent choice if you are going old style (no ice cream maker). But I think that the result with full fat coconut milk is almost just as delicious and provides a great creamy texture. I also played around with the sugar content and I think that you get a better flavour when you use a higher amount of sugar, it really brings forth the flavour of the banana and the rich coconut cream, but again feel free to reduce the sugar content if you prefer a less sweet ice cream.
So happy belated Easter, hope you had some wonderful days and most importantly that you still have a little room left in the stomach for these lovely popsicles.

Caramelized banana & coconut ice cream popsicles - A Tasty Love StoryCaramelized banana & coconut ice cream popsicles - A Tasty Love Story

Caramelized banana & coconut ice cream popsicles - A Tasty Love Story

  1. OliOli04-22-2014

    Thanks for this Amazing recipe!:)
    Is it possible to use honey instead of Sugar?

    • You are so welcome :) And yep honey is a great sweetener, it even improves texture in ice cream. I simply use coconut oil due to stable blood sugar and health factors :)

  2. FoodNerdFoodNerd04-22-2014

    These look so good for the (hopefully) hot Summer days! Can’t wait to make them.

    FoodNerd x

    • Thats how I felt too – creamy and refreshing, hope they suits your tastebuds as well :)

  3. These look delicious. I have been lusting after some ice cream for a while and your recipe looks delicious.

  4. MadisonMadison04-23-2014

    These look so creamy and delicious! I can’t wait to try them. Also where did you get your popsicle mold?

    • That is just great. I bought mine in a shop here in Denmark, but it seems as they are pretty easy to find, Or try amazon I am sure they have a fine selection :)

  5. Miss PolkadotMiss Polkadot05-04-2014

    Caramelized bananas themselves are amazing. Combined with coconut – perfection! These sound totally delicious. Now if only I had some popsicle molds … Time to buy them.

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