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Rainbow Bowl with Lemon Pickled Beets and Beluga

2015 12 20 15.07.33 1 Dragged

Merry Christmas everyone! As you might have spottet I have been spending some on my new found holiday time playing a little with visuel tools – here is my very first ever gif!! I still have much to learn, and the quality really doesn’t come out as I would like, but then hopefully you are all able to see it …

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Hearty Winter Salad with Honey Roasted Roots, Kale & Pomegranate

2015 11 11 13.24.00

Too me eating good and satisfying food is almost a religion. It is something I practise everyday and it’s very important to me that I always have a nutritious and filling meal to look forward to. This can however be a challenging at times, especially when you spend a lot of time away from home and on the run. And …

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Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad + Fried Mushrooms

2015 11 09 16.00.43

In Denmark we have had a long and beautiful relationship with a very special, yet simple, type of food. Most Danish children are ‘built’ on this – and most of us enjoy it for lunch throughout our entire life. It’s not too many years ago that a mysterious, tempting and different rival (aka. The Sandwich) approached and for the first …

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A Danish Classic in New Make-up – may I present: Burning Love!


I have had an ambivalent relationship with root veggies for quite some years. In theory I always have and always will love them. Whats not to love? They are filled with nutrients and fibers, they are cheap, beautiful coloured, have awesome shapes and look rather rad! But sometimes just the thought of them could make my stomach flip and taste …

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Dreamy Creamy Dal – the Perfect Comfort Meal

Pic 3

Are you ready for a lil’ friday comfort treat? As we have established a few times Autumn = Comfort food on so many levels. And at the same time, I would like to spend the majority of my time under a blanket in the couch instead of in front of the stow, so I prefer to make quick comforting and …

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Pimp your Autumn with Pumpkin – Inspiration & Roasted Pumpkin Spaghetti

2015 09 18 18.14.57

Where should I begin. My love for pumpkin is very real, deep and will probably last a lifetime. It is actually not a relationship that have lasted very long. I think it was probably 6 years ago I found myself hugging a hokkaido and ended up making an adorable pumpkin pie, and thereafter I started experimenting quite a bit with …

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Colourful Flatbreads with Sweet & Savoury Topping

DSC 0054

As some of you might recall I have a major thing for anything with dough. Yes, pizza, burger, wraps, pies, pitas you name it – I literally can’t get enough. This has sometimes resulted in some ambivalent feelings towards my cravings and diet, since I am also a firm believer that cutting back on starchy carbs have some health beneficial …

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Beetroot Patties with Feta & Fresh Mint

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Patties, sometimes also called fritters, are one of my absolute favourite foods. There are just as many things to love about them as there are ways to make them. I have different favourite patties for different seasons. Here during summer I have made my light, green favourite Zucchini Patties. When autumn and winter comes it is these beetroot or sweet …

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Mango Salad with Chili Chicken Balls & Peanut Sauce – and a Competition


When you are visiting exciting new or dear familiar countries it is difficult not to absolutely fall in love with at least some part of their cuisine. After visiting Thailand for the second time I am even more convinced that the Thai cuisine is one of my absolute favourites. We are fortunate to have a very well assorted thai store …

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My kind of Caesar Salad – Lean, Luscious & slightly addictive

DSC 0310 2

I need to start this post with – ‘Oh I love Thailand’! Currently spending my time chilin’ by the water, reading novels, eating Thai food and being absolutely relaxed, what more can you ask for? Well I can’t skip the blog just because I am off playing the lux version of ‘The Beach” – so before I took off I …

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