Creamy spinach with fried eggs

Creamy spinach with eggs

I recently hosted an event together with a dear friend and colleague of mine themed ‘a good start’. The primary purpose was to increase the awareness of having healthy and well balanced morning rituals – seen from all perspectives both bodily, nutritious and holistic.
I did an hour of morning nutrition lecturing, and while preparing the class I did a lot of thinking about my own morning preferences and rituals. First of all I am a morning person. Big time. I always run or work out in the morning. I often wake before my alarm sets off and I am almost always eager to get out of bed and start the day, plus I’m super hungry. In fact one of the last things I think about before I fall asleep is what I wanna have for breakfast, and it is most often something with fruit, yoghurt, muesli, pancakes etc. meaning that I prefer my breakfast sweet and fresh.

Creamy spinach with eggs

Eggs are one of the things I like to include in my breakfast whether it is a boiled egg on the side of some toast or a banana omelette with fruit. But this time I actually wanted to create a savory morning meal with greens, fibers and no sugar – just to be able to switch, try new things and maybe open up to new rituals and preferences.

Creamy spinach with eggs

To be honest I have had this meal for dinner quite some times. I must admit that it is the time of day where I prefer to have a savory and filling meal. But Jonas prefer a savory breakfast and he has been very pleased with the combination of eggs, something creamy and leafy greens. It is a super easy recipe that requires few cheap ingredients and only one pan to cook the whole thing. It is also a very light meal with only about 350 kcal pr portion, which allows you to splurge with an Italian ice cream after dinner or in the afternoon. And I do believe it is handy to calculate with an ice cream or two when we have a whole lot of heat and traveling going on.

And speaking of traveling we are currently located in Shanghai airport waiting to board a connection flight to Kuala Lumpur. It is always fun to sit and watch a foreign culture and pick up on all the details that differ people from one another. And we just had a lovely lunch ‘bibimbap’ at a Korean restaurant – even though we are not in Korea there is a huge difference beyween a Nordic bibimbap and an Asian one, and I can for sure say I just had the best Bibimbap of my life…

One last thing … Happy Birthday Dad!!

Creamy spinach with eggs

Creamy spinach with eggs

  1. laurasmesslaurasmess07-15-2013

    This looks delicious Josephine! My husband Aaron loves creamy spinach so I think he’d be very pleased with this beautiful savoury breakfast/snack/dinner (I love meals that can be eaten at any time of day!). Beautiful photographs. Glad that you’re enjoying your summer xxx

  2. Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene07-22-2013

    Oh me too, those meals are at the top f my list as well, sometimes I even make myself a savory porridge with scramble egg, a teaspoon of butter and crisp pear slices – so goood!

  3. Ooo, this looks so awesome! I love spelt pearls, haven’t had that in so long. This would be an excellent breakfast, but I can totally see myself having this for lunch or dinner as well! :)

  4. this looks so gooood.

  5. AnitaAnita08-15-2013

    Thank you for the recipe, it’s absolutely delicious! My boyfriend and I loved it.

  6. CATCAT01-12-2014


  7. This looks divine!! So inspired by your delightful and gorgeous recipes!!

  8. kristinkristin02-09-2014

    Came across this recipe on pinterest and it looks wonderful! I am in the US and have whipping/heavy cream, will this work as the cooking cream you mention?

  9. SeviSevi04-06-2014

    Sounds wonderful, but may i ask: could i replace the barley/spelt with quinoah?

  10. AleksandraAleksandra02-16-2015

    You had me at overnight!

  11. Looks very Yummy ……..

  12. Naomi SniderNaomi Snider03-24-2015

    I’m sorry, I don’t under stand the amount of salt – 1,5 teaspoon. Do you mean 1/2 teaspoon? Even that sounds like too much.

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-25-2015

      Hi Naomi. In the recipe I have simply stated ‘oil’ and in the directions I suggest that you add around 1 tsp of oil, which I think is a rather small amount, I would gladly add 1 Tbsp when cooking this :)

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