Crispy chicken nuggets with hot & sweet potato fries and pickled yoghurt dipping sauce

Crispy chicken w. hot & sweet potato fries

Hi everybody and happy Easter. I don’t know with all you guys, but ever since I’ve grown up Easter is something that seems to sneak up on me. I almost always forget that Easter is coming – probably something to do with my little major obsession with Christmas – and when it is here it feels more as a little vacation blessing from above than an actual holiday. We always have a lovely family lunch and a couple of quality days amongst each other, but nothing else is making Easter time as unique as E.g. Christmas. Of course you have the magic chocolate eggs lying around everywhere which is absolutely fantastic – but honestly I eat chocolate without an excuse all the time.
I really think it is time for me to dig up some old fashioned Easter fun again. Go (chocolate)egg hunting in the garden, write small Easter cards for everyone hoping they won’t guess my name and preparing a huge lunch for everyone I love. This year though I’ve been busy and since I have a big exam a head of me I’ve allowed myself to just relax and let everybody else be busy with all the planning, nice!

Crispy chicken w. hot & sweet potato fries

You could easily say that chicks and rabbits are what you could call Easter mascots. You see them everywhere on decorations, jumping around delivering eggs but also on the menu – a little ironic actually, imagine Santa included in the Christmas menu, drama! Well in Denmark we have a lot of traditional Easter dishes with eggs which is very delicious, but I thought it was time to bring in a recipe with actual meat and why not make a classic one with a very healthy twist..
So I decided to make crispy chicken nuggets. These nuggets are made with whole grain quinoa flakes and baked in the oven in order to be as crispy and awesome, but way healthier, than the deep fried version. On the side I made a favourite of mine; sweet potato fries and then I invented (at least as far as I know) an absolutely adorable dipping sauce with a lot of flavour and no mayo at all – talk about a healthy fast food meal, yup!

Crispy chicken w. hot & sweet potato fries

The dipping sauce was an idea I got one day when I really craved sweet pickled cucumbers – and no I am not pregnant I just really like pickled stuff. I thought that a creamy mild yoghurt seasoned w. herbs, a little lemon and a twist of cumin would be absolutely wonderful paired with these pickled wonders. And as soon as we are making anything with a ‘fries’ in the end whether it is potato, pumpkin, celeriac or bean fries a creamy, thick dipping sauce is to die for. This one really fits the sweeter type of fries since it is very mild and a bit sour, I would actually go as far as calling it the perfect combination.
It is a very simple and easy dish which I believe almost everyone will enjoy, and it is a perfect dinner for my very own relaxed and simple easter.

Crispy chicken w. hot & sweet potato fries

Happy Easter ♥
Josephine Malene

Crispy chicken w. hot & sweet potato fries

  1. AmalieAmalie03-27-2013

    GUD, hvor underligt – sad lige i dag og overvejede at lave noget lignende!
    Men ser virkelig lækkert ud, vil have det en dag i madplanen i næste uge :D

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-31-2013

      Haha, det kender jeg alt for godt – sunde sjæle tænker ens, eller… :)

  2. ♡♡♡♡♡
    hi Josephine!!!
    I am writing to you to Congratulate you for your fabulous blog ^ . ^

    The photos you take… the meals you make are really inspiring
    Yeah! really! You become a Great Professional, no doubt*
    because you show in every recipe, every week…

    ♡♡I really adore you creativity and it flows around you,
    with your words and details♡♡

    Also I get fun reading…
    I’m a spanish speaker and your letters make me improve my English ^ . ^

    So, you know… I’m very happy to visit your web·space ¸¸.•*¨*

    ∞ To finish… good luck on your near exam!!
    And thank you so much for sharing all of these with us ∞

    Isabel Asensio Andrés · Here some of my art·work

    My Best Wishes

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-31-2013

      Hi Isabel.
      Thank you for that absolutely wonderful message! I am so glad you like the blog and come visit to see the newest posts :) Your work is lovely too and it’s amazing that we can all share and inspire each other with our passion even though we live countries apart :)
      All the best from Josephine

  3. JennyJenny04-04-2013

    Lyder rigtig lækkert.
    Jeg har nu også i 32 år haft en craving

  4. This looks savory and satisfying, Josephine. I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-10-2013

      Me too, those little (or rather large) carontene filled wonders are always welcome at my table :)

  5. JeffJeff05-03-2013

    Dinner decided! Thanks for sharing this great recipe, I’m excited to taste it! I also really like the pickled cucumber sauce! Fantastic addition!

  6. IsabellaIsabella05-08-2013

    Love this recipe and your whole website!! So much inspiration!
    Isabella :)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-08-2013

      Thats so great to hear, hope you’ll get to cook and love some of the recipes!

  7. StinneStinne05-28-2013

    Tried this recipe to night. It’s just great, the chicken was really better than I hoped, and the dipping sauce, yum! Nice with some healthy comfort food!

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