Guest Post at The Pastry Affair – Pancake Cake with Forrest Berries & Cream

Nordic pancake cake with forrest berries & cream - ATLS

In the beginning of this summer I received a very special mail from another oh so talented food blogger. Kristen from The Pastry Affair invited me to do a guest post on her incredible blog. Wow, so far I have only been dreaming of sharing my pictures and words on one of the other blogs I love, follow and get inspiration from, and as you might have noticed The Pastry Affair is at the top of my list on inspirational blogs, yay!
So what is so very special about Kristen’s food universe – lets see for a starter she makes the most incredible cakes, rolls, buns, sweets etc. The sweet kitchen is very much in focus on her blog and every single recipe will make you instantly drool. She takes the most beautiful and rustic pictures with so much soul and ingredients that just seem to pop out the picture and onto your fork, dashing! Take a look at these Nutella Espresso Rolls for example – pure food love!

Nordic pancake cake with forrest berries & cream - ATLSNordic pancake cake with forrest berries & cream - ATLS

So what to do when you get an invite like this. So many recipes, ideas, ingredients etc. and what to choose. I definitely wanted to grab the opportunity and stay in Kristen sweet, treat food universe. And I absolutely needed to share something very nordic and seasonal – just to show off with our awesome summer goods from nature ;) And if you are a steady follower of this blog and perhaps Instagram you might have noticed my slight obsession with pancakes. There is just something magical about pancakes. They are sweet, delicate, soft and tasty. You can make them savoury or sweet, stuff them or serve them plain, and you can even build an entire cake with them. Say what? Oh yes, it is actually quit obvious how good an idea this is, since everybody loves a huge stack of pancakes – then who would not love a huge stack of pancakes with fruit, cream or chocolate in between the layers – I know I would.
Besides containing my beloved pancakes this recipe is also very much inspired from my childhood. So if you are curious to get the story and the recipe you should jump on to The Pastry Affair where Kristen will share all of it with you.

Love and late summer sunshine
Josephine Malene ♥

Nordic pancake cake with forrest berries & cream - ATLS

  1. ZoeZoe08-29-2013

    So excited for red currants this year. They are super hard to get down here – beautiful photos as always, I will be sure to check it out!

    • Thanks Zoe! And yes those slightly sour berries are marvellous, love them as well. These were freshly picked from my parents in law’s garden, yum!

  2. shellstenshellsten09-01-2013

    I saw this post at “The pastry affair” – congratulations! (loving how you can se the cute bird tattoo in the first photo!) I too share your love for pancakes, any kind at any time and in unexpected ways. Like this stack:

    • Yum, those look great as well, think I might need to give that recipe a go! And thank you for noticing the tatoo, I absolutely love that one – my little personal touch :)

  3. TrishaTrisha09-03-2013

    Hi Josephine, I saw your guest post on Pastry Affair and I love your blog. So wholesome! Going to give this pancake cake a go. The berries look divine! x

    • Dear Trisha, I love that you love the blog! So happy you came to check it out and liking it.. The cake will be a success, it always works because pancakes are so awesome :) Happy ‘baking’!

  4. Heading over from Kristen’s blog. What a lovely space you have here :)

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