Lentil & leek pot with curry, seasonal apples and a lot of cabbage

Lentil and leek pot

There is no doubt about how much I love food. All kinds of food, all cultures, kitchens, flavours, textures and I could go on like this forever. Unfortunately you can’t have it all everyday and sometimes I do get stuck and totally uninspired when it comes to the never ending question: What should we have for dinner. This is sometimes a mystery to me, because how can you spend so much time thinking, planning and looking at food and still end up having these regular ’empty head’ situation.
One of the very cool things about making and having this blog is that I now regularly update my favourite food archive. Because just as I hope to inspire you with all the pictures, love talk and creative recipes (I am just bragging here…) I also end up inspire myself and I have actually experienced fewer food-black-outs since this blog came into my life. That is pretty cool, and I can only hope that you maybe have experienced somewhat the same with this blog and all of the other lovely blogs out there… Check out my list of inspiration – on the right side of the home page – if you wish to explore more food blogs.
So in honor of all the great recipes out there, which have all been tried, enjoyed and some of them still remembered, here comes one recipe that I will never forget no matter what. It is a recipe filled with memories, love and friendship as well as awesome flavours and seasonal ingredients.

LeeksLeek and lentil pot

This recipe goes about four years back where I tasted it for the very first time. Since then It has been a regular guest in this apartment. Before Jonas moved in I lived here with one of my very best friends Nicoline, and we made this dish so many times that we ended up naming it after the location of our apartment – ‘Østbanegryde’. I have so many memories of us eating it, while talking, watching movies, being together with all of the other girls and serving it when we got company.
One of the best things about this dish is that it is super easy to make, you can make a double portion and you’ll have food for several days, or you can stuff your freezer with it… and it is so damn cheap to make! You can make a meat version, as I normally do, but it is just as easy to make a vegetarian version by substituting the meat with extra lentils. It is healthy, gluten and grain free, very low in calories, but still provides you with a great feeling of satiety. Seriously what is not to love about this dish.
Main ingredients are cabbage, leeks, apples and lentils which are all in season right now, hence cheap and available! One important thing in order to get a perfect result is to spend a few minutes on adjusting the taste. The flavours of the ingredients and broth can vary a bit and you might need to add more salt, vinegar, curry etc. It is individually and you need to adjust it until you are satisfied. I have of course made the recipe and amounts according to my measurements, and they should cover the basic and most important flavours, then the rest it up to you.
I really hope you’ll love this as much as I do.. here you go!

Lentils and winter pot

Winter and comfort food

  1. Liz BLiz B01-24-2013

    Oh Yum!! I love lentils so much, and this type of dish is definitely the ones I love this most!! x

    • Liz BLiz B01-24-2013

      *sorry – the one I love the most!

  2. AnonymousAnonymous02-01-2013

    Where did you buy your beautiful sweater?

  3. Nanna Lykkegaard ;)Nanna Lykkegaard ;)03-07-2013

    Made this dish for my ‘foodclub’-ladies today – can definitely recommend it if you want to make a healthy, cheap and filling dish! .. And then for dessert we had the chokolate cake made from beans – delicious! The girls went nuts! Thanks sweet Jos ;)

  4. mickie christiansenmickie christiansen09-05-2013

    Cant wait to try this…..just found your site whilst looking for banana bread recipes…which I tried yours and loved the pumpkin seeds and no egg version, and used maple syrup sparingly, and substitued the oil for coconut. Smashing texture flavour and visual. Cant wait for new posts…your photography is sweet!

    • Thank you so much – and amazing that your ‘bread’ ended up so good – getting a little hungry here after that description :)

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