Not just a tomato salad

tomato salad

Last friday I had a lunch date with some of my girlfriends plus a little fellow called York (so cute and only 8 months old). Since these lovely ladies have well developed gourmet tastebuds I really wanted to make something tasty, a little different but still simple. I decided on this tomato salad which I have had great success with earlier, which is inspired by this recipe from Heidi over at 101 cookbooks. It really has an unique and very complete flavour, which is primarily due to the fact that you bake half of the tomatoes in the oven, and thereby reveal all the lovely sweetness and umami the tomatoes carry around! Besides baking the tomatoes I also added red wine balsamic which is both sweet and sour plus we get a lot of flavor from the basil & garlic oil. In the end all of this is perfectly balanced with the creamy, round mozzarella and the fresh juicy tomatoes.

Baked tomatoes in process

The tomato salad was a great success and we ate every bit of it with great appetite…and with a lot of bread, chorizo and aioli! But in the end our full attention went to my dear friend Nanna, which showed us a beautiful little picture of a beautiful little baby inside her already round and lovely belly! So amazing and exciting.
So for now on whenever this tomato salad is on the menu, my thoughts and love will go to my dear friend and her coming adventure!

Tomato salad

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  1. EmilieEmilie07-07-2013

    I made this last night (without capers bc my boyfriend has a powerful aversion!) and it came out great. Was even better this morning over eggs. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  2. GingerGinger01-25-2015

    I have made this twice. Delicious! Love the roasted and fresh tomato combination.

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