Poached egg on asparagus and creamy avocado


Food and people aren’t really that different. Some are sweet, lovely and more beautiful during summer time. Others are handsome and bulky and thrive best during winter time. There are those who have a hard and cold surface but on the inside they will be soft and irresistible. And regardless if we are talking food or people you’ll just have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with some than others.
During my whole life I have had several love affairs with all kinds of food. The sweet and fresh berries in the summer time, melty chocolate on a cold winter night, bursty grapes and soft goats cheese combined in a salad, a crispy pie crust, a baked and tender aubergine and in my world the one and only EGG (laid by a chicken). I have an absolutely soft spot for eggs. I love them in the shape of everything from raw to boiled and grated in a funky dressing. They are so damn versatile and they can make all baked goods, pies, fish, dressing, creams, breakfast etc. go from boring to ecstatic.

Poached egg on asparagus and creamy avocado

I use eggs in a lot of my meals, especially when I cook up small dishes on regular week days. We’ll have a bowl of beans & veggies topped with a runny egg, a stuffed omelette, a pie with a creamy egg filling, aubergines dipped in egg and fried on a pan – you name it we have tried it. My breakfast is often very dependent on eggs as well, in particular when I make my favourite pancakes. Because besides being a perfect glue in any batter eggs are filled with protein, vitamins and minerals to keep you beautiful, happy and full.
One thing I find irresistible about eggs are when they are cooked to have a runny yolk. An egg yolk will make an absolutely amazing and creamy dressing that can improve any stew or crispy sandwich. I have always been fascinated by poached eggs, they are beautiful and mysterious and has a golden and runny inside. But somehow I have always been terrified to make them. Crack an egg open and put it in water – WHAT – how is that not gonna be a disaster. But as it turns out it is very easy and one of my new favourite ways to enjoy my beloved egg.

Poached egg on asparagus and creamy avocado

This type of meal is something I have made for quite some time in a lot of different variations. I have a crispy piece of bread topped with a creamy spread, some veggies and a runny egg. Before I just made a fried or boiled egg with a runny yolk, but from now on it will be a poached egg crowning my favourite lunch.

eggs on asparagus

This recipe is relying on the springy asparagus that we see popping up all over the place right now. They are incredible and to my preference a little roasting makes them totally irresistible. The avocado cream has gotten a little spike from the mustard which is a perfect fit with the creamy egg and the tomatoes that are shinning in the middle. You could also use a creamy goats cheese on the bread instead of avocado or make a spicy hummus out of beans. And if you prefer spinach instead of tomatoes, roasted sweet potato instead of bread or pepper over asparagus you just choose and pick as you desire. This recipe is easy, well balanced and something we enjoy very often! Jump on board and poach your way on to it!

Poached egg on asparagus and toast

Poached egg on asparagus and creamy avocado

  1. This looks delicious! I love the combination of avocado, tomato and poached eggs — never tried creaming the avocado with mustard before. Will have to try it!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-14-2013

      You must, it definitely adds an extra spark that makes the taste more interesting :)

  2. LindseyLindsey05-09-2013

    i often make something similar, but i love the idea of incorporating the asparagus, especially since they’re in season right now.

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-14-2013

      Yes seasonal food makes everything better, and the taste much more intense. Hope you’ll love the dish :)

  3. AmyAmy05-17-2013

    Oh Josephine that looks so beautiful and delicious at the same time!! I think this would be great for brunch too!! xox Amy

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-17-2013

      Hi Amy thats is absolutely amazing to hear, and yes I think it would make a delicious brunch as well :)

  4. Ann-LouiseAnn-Louise05-17-2013

    I just found your blog and it is LOVE at first sight! So many recipies I am going to try.

  5. ChiaraChiara06-29-2013

    I just love all of your recipes. So lucky i found your blog :)

  6. ZoraidaZoraida04-20-2014

    I love hollandaise sauce, and my furvaoite way to eat it is with eggs Benedict or smoked salmon.So, I love this recipe!!Never try eggs Benedict with avocado!!! But the idea sounds good. If bacon and egg are perfect, and bacon and avocado are perfect, tree togueter must be paradise

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