Pre-workout Blueberry Shake with a RAW Super Protein Source

Pre-workout shake with blueberries and raw egg - A tasty love story

There is one thing that takes up a lot of time in my busy life that I haven’t really talked much about here on the blog. You could call it my other hobby, one that I sometimes priorities over extra sleep, coffee dates and steady legs – here I am talking about exercise! I am what you could call a workout enthusiast and I simply love all kinds of physical activity. My favourite and ‘main’ type of exercise is running. I have been a steady runner for more than 10 years and not one single week gets by without at least one spin around the forrest, regardless of season and weather. But I acknowledge the importance of variety and strength training, that is why I combine my running with all kinds of strength and functional training from pilates, flow yoga, TRX, cross-fit and old school Arnold S. weight lifting.
When you have an active life and want to keep your muscles strong, healthy and maybe even growing a bit, it is very important to focus on your food post and prior workout. I have learned so much about this topic during my education, but it had never really been my area of expertise, since I would rather create amazing meals that suited my mood and enjoy them whenever I feel like it. But when it comes to fuelling the body to gain the best results from you workouts, timing and composition of meals are rather important – and even I need to adjust a bit to this.

Pre-workout shake with blueberries and raw egg - A tasty love story

Since I am a active morning kind of girl, the thing that is very important to me is to have a pre-workout meal that will be quickly digested and leave the stomach before I start jumping around. Here fluid meals are a great idea since they generally are digested 4 times as fast as a regular meal. Another thing that is important is to get some carbohydrates into the bloodstream (from e.g.. banana & berries) and some bioavailable proteins (from e.g.. egg) both pre- and post-workout – this way you won’t break down muscle tissue in order to get energy and your restitution will be quicker and more effective.
So how to get this magical meal that ensures your body optimal training and restitution. I have created a shake that I think is pretty damn cool. I use it as a quick meal before I exercise and sometimes I have it after a long run to get some fast energy into the system. The magical thing about this shake is the RAW egg. I totally prefer this protein source over any kind of powder since it is filled with bioavailable, all-natural proteins and at the same time packed with nutrients and healthy fats.
If your gag reflexes comes out straight just thinking about drinking a raw egg, it might not be the thing for you. But I promise you that you can’t taste the egg. It just provides a wonderful creaminess to the shake, but you need to try it one or two times to ensure yourself that it is no big deal, trust me I’ve been there. And if you live in a country where raw eggs aren’t cleared for salmonella or you might be pregnant and want to be careful, then you can simply use a pasteurised egg
I hope you have the guts to try this out – your body will surely thank your for it, and perhaps you will see some new improved results… it’s not for nothing that Rocky aka. Sylvester Stalone and Gaston (from beauty and the beast) walk around with those big guns :)

Pre-workout shake with blueberries and raw egg - A tasty love story

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Pre-workoutshake with blueberries & raw egg
Serves 1

100 g blueberries (frozen are just fine)
1 banana
200 ml milk of your choice (adjust it to your preferred thickness)
1 raw organic egg
A scoop of avocado (optional)
1 Tbsp flaxseed oil or avocado oil (optional)
4 ice cubes
1/4 tsp vanilla

Place everything in a blender and blend until you have a creamy smooth shake. Adjust thickness with more milk or a splash of water if you desire. Drink straight away – and have a happy workout!

Pre-workout shake with blueberries and raw egg - A tasty love story

  1. JeanetteJeanette03-28-2014

    Wauw det ser godt ud! Nu må jeg kaste mig ud i det rå æg det er jo totalt det nye sorte:) og så fint med gode proteiner! Tak for virkelig fin og inspirerende blog, opskrifter og billeder:) god weekend!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-31-2014

      Haha, ja det kan du da kun have ret i, jeg mangler også stadig den der æggelatte, men der er bare noget som holder mig tilbage, men nu har jeg vist ikke længere nogen undskyldning efter dette indlæg :) Og tak for dine søde ord, er så glad for at kunne inspirere!

  2. AshaAsha03-28-2014

    This post has given me food for thought, literally :) I am runner too and run at least 5 times a week and once in a while do some strength training (hate gyms and yoga classes are expensive). Lately, I upped the distance I have been running. While I don’t feel particularly tired, my speed has decreased if I were to run at a pace that felt as non-tiring as before.

    I have been wondering if it had anything to do with food, viz. I have not changed in quantity or content. Perhaps, having something like this before a run will give me the energy

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-31-2014

      It is definitely worth a shot – sometimes it does have a larger effect than what you might have thought. But it is still quite normal that when you increase the distance you run, the pace can slow a bit, since your muscles tire out and you might need longer time to restitute, which you do not get more of than before, since you run so often. Your body just might need a little time to adjiust to the increased workload :)

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. What a perfect thing to do for yourself before a workout…or any time, eh? Stay strong! D

  4. PhilippaPhilippa03-30-2014

    So, how long before exercising do you drink one of these? And how soon afterwards do you eat?

    (I love raw eggs in smoothies, by the way. The best way to start the day!)

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene03-31-2014

      I normally have one about an hour before a workout – and if my time is short I sometimes just have a half and then the rest afterwards. And post-meals should/could be within an hour, but I must admit that I sometimes wait a little longer especialy if I have had this shake as a pre-meal.

      • PhilippaPhilippa04-01-2014

        Thank you! That’s what always gets in the way of eating before exercising before going to work, for me. Not enough time for sleep :-/

        • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-02-2014

          I hear you on that – I am not always able to eat before a run, but a piece of banana and a little milk can be a great little pre-meal that I simply have 10-15 before going out the door, and then I have a real breakfast when I get back after I have showered :)

  5. FannyFanny04-02-2014

    Dear Josephine Malene, thank you so much for your beautiful and inspiring food blog. Regarding using frozen berries, I was wondering whether you generally boiled your frozen berries and re-froze them before using them or whether you use them straight out of the bag? With viruses and whatnot. All the best!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-02-2014

      You are so very welcome, so glad that you like it here :) I am actually kind of a rebel when it comes to this frozen berry thing – I just use them straight from the bag, I know it is not the official recommendation, and you should/could do as you describes, that would definitely be the safest choice :)

      • FannyFanny04-03-2014

        Ah, alright, glad to hear it from the expert 😉 Thanks a bunch! And good day to you.

  6. Shiksha SShiksha S04-04-2014

    Hey Josephine, I love your website, and I have been reading for quite a while but this is the first time I am commenting. I am a vegan, and I was wondering what I could replace the RAW egg with. I know the egg is like the main ingredient but I thought I would ask for a possible suggestion. Thanks for your awesome posts!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-04-2014

      Hi there, so lovely to hear from you. Oh yes if your a vegan I can see there is a problem :) I would just add a scoop of plant based protein e.g. hemp or pea, and adjust with a little more liquid :)

  7. Jalaine KantorJalaine Kantor04-18-2014

    Just a word of caution. Raw egg whites contain a protein called avidin that will bind the b vitamin -biotin, which is essential for numerous processes in the body, when consumed on a regular basis over a period of months to years.

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene04-20-2014

      Hi Jalaine. Thank you for your heads up on avidin which is an issue that should be treated with respect. I too believe that consuming raw egg whites in large quantities as you see with body builders can create biotin deficiencies. But luckily egg yolk contains a high mount of biotin that exceeds the amount bonded from avidin deriving from the egg white. And furthermore it is only within that specific meal where you have the egg white that avidin acts and bind biotin in the stomach, and as long as you have a varied died and do not eat raw egg whites in many meals a day, I would not have the least concern about using a raw eggs as a protein source in some meals during a week :)

  8. VansilinVansilin11-13-2014

    Oh thank you very much for your article. Before I drunk only strawberries smoothie now I drink only blueberry shake. It is very tasty and contains a lot of vitamins. Thank you.

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