Pumpkin pie ice cream with coconut cream & roasted almonds

Pumpkin pie ice cream - made with coconut cream & hokkaido - ATLS

Most times when I find myself in the kitchen, or mentally developing recipes to be made in the kitchen, I always aim at combining the things I love the most. It could be the seasonal autumn apples that I crave all the time, the intense flavour of my favourite goats cheese combined with that beautiful pork chop I just bought – and bam there I had a wonderful sunday dinner. I actually think that most of us are creating many of our meals this way without even thinking about it. And I bet that this is why some of us (the geeks at least) can be difficult to cook for, because we are so damn used to eating all the foods we love the most all day long!
Well yesterday I had a craving for one of my favourite autumn desserts – Pumpkin Pie! I love pumpkin pie, and ever since I introduced myself to it around 5 years ago, it has been at the top of my autumn dessert list. It is just perfect. It has the right texture, colour, flavour and it is even based upon a vegetable!! Luckily I had a little hokkaido on hands and I was ready to cook. But what about that ice cream I had craved all day. I did not have any to serve on the side of the pie….and then a new idea was born: Why not make ice cream that tastes like pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin pie ice cream - made with coconut cream & hokkaido - ATLS

My new bright ice cream idea was actually quite easy to get on to. I had some full fat coconut milk, a cupboard filled with warm spices and some plain almonds that needed to be played with. I wanted to add the almonds to the ice cream to have something that resembled the pie crust, because we do not want to cheat anybody here, when I say pumpkin pie – we need to be able to taste all of that gorgeous pumpkin pie in there.
As you might know, I have a little conflict with all that sugar stuff, we do not want to have to many refined carbs to tricker our blood sugar levels, but when it comes to ice cream you really do need a pretty intense sweetness in your base, because as soon as it freezes that sweetness will be less distinct and you will lack some flavour. I solved the problem by adding half coconut sugar and half sukrin gold. The coconut sugar contains minerals, vitamins and it does not have much effect on our blood sugar. Sukrin gold is an natural, low calorie sweetener that is made from Sukrin (eritritol: a sugar alcohol, that occurs naturally in some fruits), tagatose (a functional sweetener, found in dairy products), Glycerol (yet another natural sugar alcohol), malt extract (gluten free) and stevia. It has an intense dark flavour, that resembles a light brown sugar. It is one of my favourite sugar alternatives that I use whenever I need to make dessert or add a little sweetness in dishes. But I always keep in mind to use it with caution because it can still tricker that sweet tooth of yours and it is artificially made even though it is from natural sources.
The ice cream is actually pretty nutritious compared to regular ice cream. It contains half a kilo pumpkin, that we can happily state is a vegetable, healthy natural fats from coconut and even a great sugar alternative. Furthermore it only holds about 7 g carbohydrates and 140 kcal pr 100 g. I was actually quite excited about this ice cream experiment. I was not sure about the flavours, sweetness or texture – but I am very happy to say that it was a success and right now I am planning in having yet another bowl for lunch (because it is a vegetable ice cream right?).

Pumpkin pie ice cream - made with coconut cream & hokkaido - ATLSPumpkin pie ice cream - made with coconut cream & hokkaido - ATLS

Pumpkin pie ice cream - made with coconut cream & hokkaido - ATLS

  1. Ed HartzEd Hartz10-14-2013

    When coconut is used in a pumpkin pie, you know coconut is af great value and interest to the consumer. ~ Coconut Ed

  2. Ed HartzEd Hartz10-14-2013

    PS: Yes , there is a love story here too. It started with raw milk. Now it is with raw coconut water and other raw unprocessed coconut foods. The start of a new business. Coconut water and coconut foods are one of the most important staples in other countries surrounded by water. They will become this way to North America too when supplies get here. They are on the way and without processing. Noelani Coconut Company is doing this now. Founded by ed Hartz. want to join in the good works? Contact us.

    We like this site here and what Josephine has done to make it happen. Thanks.


    Coconut Ed

    • Hi Ed. Sound awesome what you are doing! Keep up the good work, and I’ll happily follow!
      All the best from Josephine

  3. Such a great and delicious recipe. Love to eat. Keep sharing. Thank you for sharing.

  4. ClaraClara10-19-2013

    I have to try this recipe!

    Can you please tell me what blog site/base you are using? Is it wordpress or am I totally wrong here :-)

  5. chefjuliannachefjulianna10-23-2013

    This recipe looks beyond divine! I am a huge fan of pumpkin as well, so I can’t wait to try it. Your photos are gorgeous and inspiring too! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  6. AnitaAnita10-29-2013

    Is 500 gr the total weight of the pumpkin or the weight of the pure you end up with? I have som pure in the freezer that I could use.

  7. LeonieLeonie09-26-2014

    Do you think it would be possible to make this without an ice cream maker?

  8. TinaTina10-14-2014

    Hi Josephine. I love your site so much. You are doing amazing and needed work.

    I am going to try this pumpkin ice cream, but wondered, do you think it could be fudge, too?

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, I am so pleased to hear that! I haven’t really thought about if it could be a fudge too – you might need to experiment a little with it :)

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