Rye galettes with caramelized fennel, apple & goats cheese

Rye galette w. fennel & apple

You know the old say about how you should always have a note blog and a pen at your night stand, because all the good ideas and thought appear just before you fall asleep or during the night. Apparently you are too busy to listen to your brain during the day, that is why as soon as you relax, empty your head and get ready to drift off – your brain takes a chance and starts speaking up – so cleaver!
This is actually something that is happening very often in my life. Whenever Jonas and I set down to see a movie, go for a walk or get ready to sleep – I grab my iPhone and scramble down all the ideas on new recipes, flavour combinations, new ingredients etc. everything that has pilled up in the back of my head during the day – without me knowing it! I always have tons of ideas in my digital note book, and it is the first place I look whenever I have to prepare dinner or get inspired to do a new blog post.
As you might have guessed this little recipe was born this way, on the road, while travelling to Copenhagen last week!

Rye galette w. fennel & apple

My food preferences have started to be more light and fresh now as spring is slooooowly sneaking up on us – I tell you the mighty Mother Earth has made a slight mistake in her calculations this year, but all forgiven. Now my meals are filled with fresh and crispy greens, raw salads and mild seasoning that brings out the natural flavour of the food, just perfect!
These galettes are filled with some of my favourite ingredients and flavours; Goats cheese, fennel and apple. Not only do they compliment each other very well, they are also perfect when cooked or raw and even in desserts. This galette is actually just on the egde of being a dessert-ish kind of dish. But the unsweetened whole grain crust and salad on the side draws it back on the savoury side.

Rye galette w. fennel & apple

As soon as I decided on combining apple, fennel and goats cheese I started thinking about how to cook the fennel before adding it to the galette, in order to extract some of the fluid and add more flavour. There is something magical about caramelization – salty/sweet has always been a big hit in my book! I remembered a recipe I once stumbled upon from the amazing Ottolenghi and I instantly new I had to add caramelized fennel in this galette. I ended up changing the recipe into my own, using more fennel seeds, maple syrup, and skipping herbs and garlic – and WOW I was amazed how absolutely incredible caramelized fennel could be, seriously better than candy. It was actually sooo good that I for a moment considered just eating all of it, because it was too good to add in a galette.
That is why I can only say that the caramelized fennel is a dish in itself. Please make it, enjoy it and add it to everything. I was thinking  toasted wholegrain bread with goats cheese and caramelized fennel on top. As a tapas dish, a part of a brunch, on flat bread, on pizza, as a snack – just eat it and do not stop again!
For now you can try it with this galette in a great combo with the salty goats cheese and the raw juicy apples. I made a rye crust with butter, but if you prefer a crust with vegetable oil just use this. Furthermore I served this with a light and crispy summer salad with asparagus, pear, spinach and a vinaigrette. It was a lovely addition and the minty flavour gave it an extra little kick that goes perfect with the sweet galettes.

Rye galette w. fennel & apple

Rye galette w. fennel & apple

  1. This looks incredible! It’s true fennel is so much tastier when it is roasted..

  2. Brooke SchweersBrooke Schweers05-04-2013

    These look delicious! The galettes are so beautiful and rustic and I love the idea of caramelised fennel!

    • Josephine MaleneJosephine Malene05-04-2013

      Thank you – and yes you must try the caramelized fennel, it’s to die for!

  3. laurasmesslaurasmess05-08-2013

    This recipe looks beautiful Josephine. Such wholesome, nutritious (and delicious!) ingredients. I love fennel… it’s one of my go-to ingredients for summer salads and then, in winter, either braised or roasted to bring out the warming sweetness. Your food styling is always gorgeous… thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe xx

  4. MillieMillie09-24-2013

    This looks so nice!!! Need to make ASAP!
    If you have a moment, could you check out my blog please? Thanks :)

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