Sparkling Summer Lemonade with Grapefruit & Lemon

Grape & lemon lemonade

I am so proud to announce that I have started doing freelance recipe developing for The Guardian Cook. They have been featuring some of the recipes from the blog for a while now – and recently they asked me to come up with even more recipes to fit into their weekly ’10 best recipe’ issues. I am absolutely thrilled to be recognized for my work and I think it is a huge honor to be working with a news paper of their size and range, awesome!!!

Grape & lemon lemonade

This lemonade recipe is from their ’10 best picnic recipe’ issue. Personally I am a huge fan of picnics. I love the fact that you’ll sit outside on a blanket surrounded by nature, flowers, butterflies and the smell of grass while enjoying lovely small dishes made with love. In the ’10 best picnic’ issue you’ll find my interpretation on a sparkling grapefruit lemonade that will be perfect for any picnic or simple lunch on a hot summer day. You’ll also find another picnic recipe of mine; Spicy apple trifles with custard and crunchy granola made in individual jars. This little dessert is easy to carry along on a summer as well as a early fall picnic. It is a healthy way to enjoy a dessert and I love the fact that you get a whole portion to yourself.
So if you are interested in seeing the recipes and getting inspired on how to assemble the best possible picnic basket, jump over to The Guardian Cook and check it out.

Grape & lemon lemonade

  1. Great work! I hopped over for a look, the lemonade sounds lovely.

  2. LimorLimor05-14-2013

    You deserve it! Good luck. I enjoy your blog, recipes and great pictures.

  3. carolinecaroline06-02-2013

    I loved this recipe when I tried it from the Guardian Cook section and am so pleased to have discovered your fantastic blog.

  4. Rosa MariaRosa Maria06-14-2013

    wow this sounds amazing! i am so going to make this!

  5. Your photography is absolutely stunning. I love finding new beautiful blogs, such fantastic work here.

    Love + l i g h t,


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