Summer tapas inspiration – rolled olive tapenade buns

Rolled olive tapenade buns

And we are back in Denmark. Back to a cool and very comfortable climate, a clean and familiar bed, my bike, all of our friends and my own kitchen and cooking, hurrah! It has been awesome not to cook for an entire month and I have enjoyed every single meal but now it is time to get cooking and creative again!
One thing I have missed a lot is eating whole grains. Moist and nutty favoured bread, rye bread, speltotto, nordic crisp bread and oat pancakes – just to mention a few things ;) The asian kitchen rocks – but when it comes to whole and fibre rich grains they are about a decade or two behind of us!

Rolled tapas buns with olive tapenade

Before we left I did a few recipes for the guardian – and one of them was this olive bun bread. It is a lovely bread for any occasion, and you can vary it in a thousand ways. I have already made two sweet versions of this bread here and here, but this savoury bread is absolutely perfect for a bbq dinner or a summer tapas night in the garden. I have filled it with a homemade olive tapenade but next time I will try to use a homemade garlic oil or maybe a chilli tomato sauce. You could also try to fill it with a vegetarian nut paste or with chicken and spinach, which would be perfect for a picnic or in the lunchbox.

The online magazine Ets El Que Menges has been doing a Europe Blogging project ‘Bonissim Europa’ where to of their journalist; Pau and Clara have been visiting bloggers all around Europe. I was lucky to spend a few days with them, plus I am going to visit them in Barcelona during autumn/winter to experience their city and host a cooking/nutrition class- more information will follow. But so far they have made a very beautiful blog post about their visit in Århus – see the blogpost here!

Rolled tapas buns with olive tapenade

This recipe was originally developed for The Guardian and was first printed in The Guardian/life and style – 10 best pizza recipes.

Rolled tapas buns with olive tapenade

  1. laurasmesslaurasmess08-09-2013

    This is a beautiful post Josephine. I love the fact that these wholesome rolls can be filled with so many alternative fillings… the pesto sounds delicious, so does the tapenade and the chilli tomato! The addition of the zucchini in the dough sounds wonderful too. I might try that with my flat pizza doughs for an extra nutritional boost! Glad you got back safe and sound from your trip xx

  2. Thank you as always for your wonderful comment and further inspiration – hope you had a beautiful summer as well!

  3. RufflesRuffles12-04-2013

    These look delicious! I’m looking forward to giving them a try. I can’t seem to locate Durum Flour – is this like All Purpose, or a Bread Flour or closer to Semolina?

    • Durum flour is the typical pizza-flour, you can simply replace it with all purpose flour or a wholegrain flour if you prefer :) Hope they turn our great for you :)

  4. RufflesRuffles12-09-2013

    Thank you! I will give all purpose whirl. I can almost taste them already!

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