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Creamy Cottage Cheese & Spelt Dessert with Peaches & Pistachio

DSC 0058

Today it is seven years since Jonas and I officially became a couple. It was on the night of his high school graduation – where he asked me (litterally he did) if I wanted to become his girlfriend. I was head over hills in love – and that summer became one of my absolute best and one that I will …

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Grilled Zucchini Rolls with Creamy Spelt Pearls & Summer Herbs

DSC 0030

When summer arrives, which it officially will tomorrow the 1st of June, a lot of wonderful things follow. Not only can you once again wear sandals, feel the warmth of the sun, bath in the see and eat ice cream every day, but when summer comes barbecue season follows. Since I am not a vegetarian, just a green loving girl, …

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Speltotto with Butter & Herb tossed Chestnuts

DSC 0ch174 2

These cold and cozy winter days sometimes requires a good and solid comfort meal. I actually get pretty lazy during the dark afternoons, and I often end up with just grabbing a quick bite for dinner or buy a spicy asian soup from our favourite take-out restaurant. But then the other day I sat down and started picking my brain …

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