Vegan Veggie Falafels in Lettuce Wraps with Apple & Cabbage Slaw

Vegan veggie falafels in lettuce wraps - A Tasty Love Story

Dear All
I thought it was time to share a classic one with a dash of new twists! A falafel is one of those things that really can’t offend anyone. It is tender and crispy. It is exploding with flavour yet has a mild and childproofed taste. It is vegetarian (this on even vegan) yet filled with protein. It is budget friendly even when it is made 100% organic. It does satisfy salty fast-food cravings but is healthy and refreshing. And it seems like most (meat eating) men does not even complain or think about the fact that it is a meat free meal.
So what do you think? Should we dig into the recipe and stuff our stomachs and fridge with golden and gorgeous falafels.

Vegan veggie falafels in lettuce wraps - A Tasty Love Story

Falafel can be made in all kinds of ways. I have chosen a vegan and veggie loaded version, since everybody can join in and enjoy this treat, and I really do not think there is any need to add eggs to this dough. Nor do I actually cook the chickpeas before going into the falafel dough, which makes it even easier to prepare a batch of these, a simple trick I have learned from my favourite danish tv-cook Louisa Lorang.
The falafels can be served together with additional kinds of side dishes. It can be enjoyed as a snack, crumbled onto hot pots or on top of your morning eggs  – but my favourite way to serve these are in some kinds of crispy green wrap. I have chosen to use romaine salad leaves since they are crispy and light, and then included a tasty and creamy cabbage slaw made out of pointy cabbage and sweet apples. You can wraps these little fellows up in all kinds of leaves including the cabbage leaves from the pointy cabbage and then top it with whatever dressing and greens you prefer.
Most important is that you try these while you treat your body with sunshine and summer drinks!

Vegan veggie falafels in lettuce wraps - A Tasty Love Story

Vegan veggie falafels in lettuce wraps - A Tasty Love Story

  1. SaltpigSaltpig04-04-2014

    Those look gorgeous! Will definitely be trying them this weekend.

  2. PadaekPadaek04-04-2014

    Looks so yum! Yogurt dressing looks delicious. Great photos too. :)

  3. LavenderLavender04-04-2014

    Those falafels are looking absolutely wonderful!

  4. I just LOVE falafel and I just LOVE this recipe. I usually make it to go with my couscous dishes, but this is an excellent idea. Thank you!

    • Oh you are so welcome, always lovely to get new ideas for servings, right :)

  5. Nadine SNadine S04-11-2014

    Josephine! Just made your slaw – really great dressing and perfect combination all together :)

  6. PhilippaPhilippa04-13-2014

    Nom nom nom. I LOVE the idea of mixing cauliflower and broccoli in with the chickpeas. This is heading straight to the top of my To Cook list.

    [radiantly happy that I have discovered your blog]

  7. PhilippaPhilippa04-14-2014

    I have just made these and they were uhmayzing. The best falafels I have ever tasted, and my husband (a falafel fanatic) called them ‘The business.’

    However, we couldn’t get them to stay round and crispy and falafely. Quite a lot of water came out of the ‘dough’ so they almost boiled in the pan. We ended up making a a fried spread/dip (much like refried beans!) which was yumtastic but not as pretty as your beautiful falafels. Have you any tips on how we could improve this next time? (They will definitely be a next time. Maybe tomorrow.)

    • Hi Philippa. I am so glad that you love the taste of falafels here, yeah! But we need to do something about the texture. My dough was pretty firm and I had no trouble frying them, and this was evident after freezing a portion of dough as well. But water content in veggies do differ, and it could be a trick to add 1-2 tbsp (or more) of flour to the dough – and if your are going grain free add 1 Tbsp of psyllium husk to soak up the extra liquid (and let the dough rest afterwards for 30 min). Hope this will help you, and remember to drain everything as much as possible to avoid too much liquid :)
      All the best from Josephine

  8. TammyTammy06-01-2014

    I tried this recipe, the taste is wonderful! however, I may have cooke the veggies too much. My dough was very watery. Can I bake the falafels instead? I just ended up with very crispy falafel crumbles dipped in Coconut oil! :) Has anyone tried substituting the yogurt with cashews? My husband is vegan, so I want him to enjoy the dressing as well.

    • You could bake the falafels, but I would try adding a little flour or HUSK (for a grain free version) to soak up the liquid and make he dough stick together. The cashew yoghurt should be great, I have made sauce and yoghurt with in many times, which usually comes out great :)

  9. MikaMika06-15-2015

    I just made them with cilantro instead of parsley. I liked them, even though I over salted them a bit. Should I be deep frying them? Mine turned out to be little dark brown patties on the outside with green squish inside.

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