Welcome to A Tasty Love Story… let the games begin

Dear fellow foodies all over the world. I have been looking forward to this day for a really really long time. About three years ago, I was looking for a healthy recipe on carrot cake…. and destiny led me to a wonderful place called Green Kitchen Stories, Oh My God, I was totally blown away by this beautiful online food paradise, which seemed as an unstoppable source of healthy, colorful and different recipes. Soon I discovered that the World Wide Web was full of these wonderful small places, where inspiring, food-loving people were sharing their kitchen magic with all of the rest of us, THANK YOU!

Ever since then I have been wanting to join this crowd of online foodies, but since I wanted to keep the same high level as the rest of you taking the last step has been a scary one. So after years of improving my kitchen skills, developing recipes and training my tastebuds I found myself ready to join the club. I’ve invested in a new camera (DSLR) and computer and hooked up with one of my favorite persons (web editor of this blog) Morten Husted Jensen who basically made this blog into a reality, yay! So now the only thing left to do is get my ass into the kitchen and share all of my foodylicious recipes with you!!!

As a teaser I’ve gathered some of my instagram pictures from all of my food experimenting and recipe testing the past 6 months… and now in the spirit of the ongoing olympics I’ll say; lets the games begin!

  1. SwufSwuf08-24-2012

    I’m very impressed, Josephine. I admire you for making dreams come true. I’ll take a breath of your spirit and try to make dreams come true too. Smiiiling.

  2. Phuong MiuPhuong Miu09-02-2012

    Hi there Josephine, such an inspiring blog you got there! I have a great deal to learn from your beautifully shot pictures and scrumptious recipes ^^

  3. IrinaIrina09-07-2012

    I just stumbled upon this post and wanted to tell you that I’ve had a very similar experience! I remember starting college two years ago, trying to teach myself how to cook, and thus stumbling upon and being blown away by Green Kitchen Stories… then becoming obsessed with the online food blogging community soon thereafter. But unlike you, I’m still waiting for the day I join with my own blog! :D Until then, GOOD LUCK and congrats!

    • THANK you, it feels so good finally being out there, posting and being creative with food! Hope you’ll make it one day, its really worth the effort!

  4. Green Kitchen StoriesGreen Kitchen Stories09-25-2012

    Dear Josephine!
    Thanks for the kind words, you made our day <3

    Welcome to the crowd of online foodies, your site is gorgeous and we love your recipes and images!

    All the best
    Green Kitchen Stories

  5. JessyJessy11-16-2012

    I’ve just found your blog and everything looks delicious, I’m pinning like crazy, hehe! I was wondering if you’ve posted a recipe for that chocolate coconut things in the 4th instagram photo? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Hi Jessy! Thanks for all the pins :) The bounty recipe will be featured in a christmas version here someday when we go into december, so hopefully you can wait until then? Else follow me on facebook and get notice whenever a new post comes.
      All the best from Josephine

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