Japanese Rice Bowl with Teriyaki Marinated Salmon, Wakame & Edamame Beans

Salmon and rice bowl

There are many reasons why I chose the education I did. I have always been very interested in health, eating an energy balanced diet and treating the body with respect and love. Still having experimented a lot in various ways with how to do this exactly, and always very curious on new trends, research and holistic approaches. The love of food, flavour, texture, pleasure and enjoyment has also been a very important factor, because who does not love to eat and treat yourself with colourful foods.
Furthermore the whole aspect of being able to study something that is actually relevant for all people in the world living different lives, has been extremely motivating and interesting. I love the fact that something I read and learn about is usable to me, my body, life and the choices I make.  Since the field of nutrition and health is broad and has so many many aspects in every possible direction, I have been able to narrow down and find the path I love the most: FOOD and to be exact cooking, presenting and understanding it! This combined with all the amazing knowledge I receive is a gift, now I can cook food that will build, improve and protect my body and at the same time bring endless amount of pleasure and beautiful flavour explosion.

Salmon and rice bowl

At the moment I am buried deep in my books, learning about how omega-3 fatty acids influence our body and health. I am writing an assignment on this topic and I have received a lot of new knowledge, amazing! You might be aware of how important essential fatty acids are to overall health. They are vital for cellular functioning, anti inflammatory, protecting against various cancers and have important influence on cognitive functions etc. Unless you want to spend the next to hours learning about omega-3 I will spare you the details, and instead just present you with a wonderful dish that will definitely satisfy your body’s need of omega-3 for one day.
Since fish is the most rich and bioavailable source of omega-3 it is really important to have a diet rich in fatty fish or supplement it with fish oil. Salmon are a perfect source of omega-3 and at the same time an incredible tasty fish – win win! I love to eat salmon; smoky salmon on rye bread, on pizza, a fresh filet in fish lasagna, in a creamy mousse or grilled on the barbecue at summertime.

soy and teriyaki

This recipe is inspired by a lunch dish I have had several times at our local sushi restaurant. It is very simple and so easy to make and only requires a few different ingredients. The salmon is marinated in the japanese marinade teriyaki, which is a slightly spiced and sweet soy sauce normally used when broiling and grilling fish. It is available in most food stores and asian markets and combined with a little chili and honey it balances the lovely flavours of the fish perfectly.
Wakame seaweed has become a favourite side order every time I enjoy sushi. It is a sweet and aromatic type of seaweed originally grown in Japan. Lucky for us wakame is best bud with our omega-3 rich and pink fellow Mr Salmon. To add some fibre and something to keep the dish together I have added rice. Personally I think brown rice will be best suited, but you can of course use all kinds of rice (don’t mind the spelt lying around in this picture – it is an expression of use-what-ever-your-cupboard-allows-you)!
It has become a favourite ’30 min dinner’ of mine and hopefully it will inspire you to remember those lovely fatty fish and all the good stuff  they contribute with. Happy cooking 🙂

 Salmon and rice bowl

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Salmon and rice bowl with  edamame beans and wakame
Serves 2
2 fresh salmon filets w. skin (300-350 g)
1-2 cup cooked brown rice (cooked according to the label)
3,5 oz wakame seaweed (100 g)
1 ripe avocado in slices or cubes
1/2 cup edamame beans removed from pod (100-125 g)
1 lime

Teriyaki marinade
1/4 cup plain teriyaki
1 Tbsp agave or runny honey
A pinch of hot chill powder/flakes
2 Tbsp sesame seeds

To serve
Edamame beans in pod as a little snack before or during the meal – drizzle with lemon and salt before serving.
Teriyaki and/or soy to season

1. Prepare the marinade by stirring together teriyaki, honey and chili. Use a plastic bag to marinade the salmon. Place salmon in the bag and pour in marinade, let it rest in the fridge at least one hour or all day.
2. When it is time to cook dinner remove the salmon from the fridge and preheat oven to 175 °C/350 °F.  Place the salmon in a baking pan (preferable lined since teriyaki will stick and be difficult to clean) and pour over the teriyaki. Coat the salmon with the sesame seeds (you can use as many as you please) and cook it on the oven until it is slightly pink in the middle and the meat divides in flakes, around 12 min depending on size and oven.

Serve in a bowl
Add half the rice and half the edamame beans, some slices/cubes of avocado, a portion wakame seaweed and top with a pieces of salmon. Drizzle with some lime juice and season with some extra teriyaki or soya.

Salmon and rice bowl