Yellow Sunshine Shake with Mango & Banana

Mango shake

Dear Mother Earth…  Thank you for your ever lasting glory and spectacular powers. It has been an exciting winter with snow and a lot of sunshine, but now it is time for the flowers and small green leaves to see the light of day and contribute with their beauty and  charm. Thank you for the last couple of weeks with sun sun sun and more sun.. and do not think that we have had enough, we still love it, just keep it coming. This sunshine shake is in your honour, hope you’ll like it and appreciate all the sunshine I hereby give back to you.
Love from Josephine

mango shake

And to all of you gorgeous fellow sunshine lovers out there. If you feel like celebrating the sun or simply just want to let your inner sunshine out, then try this yellow sunshine shake. I have been making it all days this week, and it has been keeping the sunshine present – both the one within and the big beautiful light bulb shining from above!
I am totally addicted I think it is an incredible starter of the day or a satisfying friend in the afternoon! It is fresh, sweet, mild and very creamy. I love the natural sweetness of both the mango and the banana, but the cultured yoghurt is adding a more gentle touch to it allowing the fruit sugar to rest a bit and not overshine the shake by making it too sweet and intense, but instead balanced and complete!

mango shake

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Yellow sunshine smoothie
Makes 2 glasses
200 g ripe and sweet mango (1/2  mango)  – you can use frozen mango but they tend to be a bit sour
2 ripe bananas (preferable frozen if the mango is  fresh)
Juice from 1 organic orange and zest from 1/2 of it
3/4 cup plain cultured yoghurt (200 g) – I used one with 0,5 % fat
8 ice cubes
1 tsp vanilla extract (or beans from 1/2 vanilla pod)

Place everything in a blender and blend until a creamy texture.
Serve the smoothie as breakfast or a afternoon snack. As breakfast I prefer to add a bit of whole grain cereal flakes on top or/and some chopped nuts.

Bonus Info: Each smoothie contains 200 kcal and a lot of sunshine.