Watermelon, Strawberry & Coconut Popsicles – Covered in White Chocolate & Liquorice

Watermelon and strawberry popsicles w. chocolate coating - A tasty love story

Okay guys I need to be a little poetic now!
I am sitting on a tropical island on the east coast of Malaysia. The ocean is telling its own story all day long with different sizes of waves and temper, even the night is enchanted with songs from the ocean and tropical animals. The island consists of two ‘main’ beaches and a lot of small hidden bays, yet to be discovered by us. We are living in a little primitive wooden charlet (okay I admit we have AC, but otherwise primitive). The days go by with lying on the beach, having a few light and wonderful meals and in the night time trying all new types of grilled fish with spicy sauces and walking down the beach enjoying the night life and backpacker vibe.
Still being here in Paradise, I could not resist grabbing my Ipad, find a spot in the shadow, order an ice coffee and check out how things are here in my own web paradise.

Watermelon and strawberry popsicles w. chocolate coating - A tasty love story

The food here in Malaysia has proven to be some of a mixed affair with different touches of english traditions and Chinese, Indian, and Malay cuisines. In Kuala Lumpur we had a lot of Chinese food eg. at the Imbi breakfast marked. Cameron highlands were filled with amazing Indian food and English afternoon tea with local tea and buttery scones as we know them smeared with sweet cream and yam. Here on the islands we have the pleasure of enyoing Malay noodle and rice dishes and a lot of fresh and tasty seafood.
Normally when traveling in Asia the great selection of tropical fruit is one of my absolute favorite food flirts. I have a weakness for ripe and sweet mangos, crispy guavas, sweet and honey colored bananas, funky dragon fruits and the most beautiful and hydrating watermelons you could ever dream of. And I do not hold back on any of these – both unsweetened shakes, juices and fresh fruit is filling my body with nutrients and fluid – and I love it.
Before we took off I wanted to prepare myself for the fruit glory I was about to explore, so I made these super cool and all natural popsicles flavored with nothing else than beautiful watermelon, strawberries and some creamy coconut milk. They are super easy to make, the fruit can be substituted with e.g. mango, other berries or banana. The coating is optional and can be varied as well – but trust me white chocolate and liquorice has something magical to add!

Watermelon and strawberry popsicles w. chocolate coating - A tasty love story

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Watermelon and strawberry popsicles
Makes around 12 popsicles

Fruit sorbet
Half a watermelon, peeled and cut in cubes (750 g)
10 ripe strawberries, rinsed
1/2 cup fullfat coconut milk (125 ml)

Optional for those who have a sweet tooth: 3-5 Tbsp of honey or powdered sugar

150 g of white chocolate
1,5 Tbsp of  coconut oil
1/2 tsp liquorice powder

How to make the popsicle
In a blender combine watermelon, strawberries and coconut milk (and sweetener if you want). Blend for 30 seconds until it is well combined.
If you have an ice cream maker use it to make a creamy sorbet and pour it in your popsicle molds afterwards and freeze. Or just add the liquid ice cream blend and place in the fridge until frozen.
In a double boiler melt the chocolate and add the coconut oil. Remove the now frozen popsicles from the molds and place on a lined plate (that fits in the freezer). Drizzle your popsicle with chocolate and liquorice, flip them over and drizzle the other side as well. quickly place the popsicle back in the freezer for at least an hour before serving.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and have magical moments and spectacular meals.

Love always
Josephine Malene

Watermelon and strawberry popsicles w. chocolate coating - A tasty love story