Bean Salad with Lemon Dressing & Fresh Herbs

I personally think that beans unfairly have gotten a bad rumour, with people accusing them of being dull and dry. Well I think it very much depends on how you cook, prepare and serve them, and in fact beans are very versatile. Who would have thought that the main ingredient in theí?  Best Chocolate Cake ever is black beans, or thatí?  you can make aí?  Creamy Bechamel out of white beans! Foods in general just need to be taken proper care of in order for them to blossom and show their full  potential.

To celebrate the beautiful beans I have made a salad out of various beans and dressed them with a simple lemon dressing, some onion and creamy avocado. It is beans when they are at their best. You won’t mistake them for anything else, and they taste great without any tricks… just as they are.

I have actually had a bit of a bean-flip ever since I made this salad. First of all, I did cook a LOT of beans. I almost always buys 1 kg dried beans and cook all of them at once in a big pot. Then you can freeze them i portions and add them in several dished, without you needing to go through the trouble of soaking and boiling every time you want beans (that are not from a can!!)

So as you can imagine I have a lot of beans on hand right now, both black and black eyed, which has been a great excuse for making chocolate cake, bean salads in all kinds of variations, creamy bean humus and sweet snack bites.. It has been a blast!
Last night when I had the girls over I made a really cool bean salad for them as well, It was with apples, goats cheese, parsley, avocado and roasted hazelnuts which we concluded were pretty cool flavour components as well 🙂

A new favourite bean of mine (and Jonas) is the edamame bean which we have gotten to know through various visits in sushi restaurants. Here it is often served as a side dish with freshly squeezed lemon and salt. It is a lovely bean that originates from Japan and is now slowly becoming more popular around the world. It is immature green soy beans that are picked and prepared, and they have much of the same health benefits as regular soy beans. You normally prepare them by boiling or steaming them and then removing the beans from the pod. You can also buy frozen beans that have already gone through this process, which makes it very easy to use…and they are cheap as well.
Edamame beans are rich in protein (12 g pr 100g) and fibres (6 g pr 100 g) and they are high in vitamin K, folate and magnese.. They have a sweet taste and a creamy texture, which makes them a perfect match to the more nutty and dry black and black eyed beans.. So please give them a shot, and preferable do it in this salad 🙂

Bean salad
Serves 4 as lunch
1 cup black beans, cooked (150 g)
1,5 cup black eyed beans, cooked (240 g)
1,5 cup edamame beans, cooked (180 g)
1 big avocado or 2 smaller
1 red onion, finely chopped
4 eggs (optional as topping)

Lemon dressing
3 Tbsp high quality olive oil
3 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 Tsp salt
3 Tbsp chopped fresh thyme
3 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley

1. Make sure that you have soaked the beans for at least 10 hours and  afterwards cooked the beans tender at least an hour in advance, so that they have had time to cool.
2. Dice the avocado, cut the onion and mix everything together.
3. Make the lemon dressing by mixing lemon juice and olive oil thoroughly until it emulsifies. Add salt and herbs, season to taste.
4. Mix the dressing into the beans salad.
5. Heat a skillet with oil and fry the eggs.
Serve a portion of bean salad topped with a fried egg with a runny yolk, yum!!

Enjoy <3