Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries and Violets

This is an elegant dessert for spring or summer gatherings. It’s light and refreshing yet rich and smooth. 

You can find several mousse recipes, but this one offers a simple yet fantastic combination of Buttermilk and lemon. This dessert is a feast for your eyes and is topped with fresh strawberries and edible flowers. 

What is a Mousse?

A mousse is a light cream or pudding made from eggs, milk, and sugar whipped into a thick, airy mixture. It can be flavored with chocolate, coffee, fruit, or alcohol. Mousse is typically served as a dessert but can also be used as a filling for cakes or pastries.

The word “mousse” comes from the French word for foam. It was first used in print in 1768 by Voltaire in his poem “La Brouillarde” to describe a light, airy pudding made from cream and eggs. The first known recipe for mousse appeared in an 18th-century French cookbook called “La Cuisinière Bourgeoise.” Today you can enjoy a mousse with different flavors. 

Why should you try this recipe?

If you are wondering why you should abandon the mousse recipe you use and try this one, here are a few reasons to convince you:

  • This recipe is easy to make. It’s like any other mousse recipe. You only need to add a few ingredients for flavor.
  • Buttermilk and lemon mousse are unbelievably light and airy. Its smooth texture is irresistible.
  • It offers a subtle citrusy flavor, making it a unique experience for your taste buds.
  • This recipe is visually appealing. Adding strawberries and edible violets brings colors to the plate, making it an elegant desert to impress the guests.

A few tips

When making Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse, there are vital tips to remember to get the perfect result every time.

  • Ensure to use fresh ingredients for both the mousse and the fruit toppings. 
  • Whip the egg whites until stiff before folding them into the mousse mixture. It is crucial for light and airy texture. 
  • Don’t boil the lemon juice. It should be warm enough to melt the gelatin.
  • Do not forget to chill the mousse in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving – this will allow all the flavors to meld together perfectly.

How to store Buttermilk and lemon mousse?

Because this mousse-like several others, contains raw egg whites, you should store them in the refrigerator and up to 2 days. 

So, try to finish the leftovers in a day or two for the best results.


Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries
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Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse

Buttermilk and lemon mousse with strawberries & violets
Course Dessert
Servings 5


  • 1 cup cultured buttermilk
  • 1 cup cup thick yoghurt, eg. greek yoghurt, quark or sour cream
  • 1/2  cup heavy creamy
  • 1/3-1/2  cup cup sugar
  • 3 pasteurised egg whites
  • 1 vanilla pod, scraped
  • Juice and zest from 1/2 organic lemon
  • 4 sheets of gelatine
  • 2 cups of fresh strawberries
  • Edible flowers (optional)


  • Place the gelatine in a bowl with cold water. 
  • Mix buttermilk, yoghurt, sugar, vanilla and lemon zest.
  • In a bowl whisk heavy cream into a light and soft whipped cream.
  • In another bowl whisk egg whites into a stiff and fluffy texture.
  • In a pan slowly heat lemon juice – sqeeze the water out of the gelatine and melt it in the warm lemon juice
  • Set a side to cool a bit.
  • Add the lukewarm lemon juice to the buttermilk mix while stirring, then gently fold the whipped cream into it, followed by the stiff egg whites
  • Set the mixture aside and let it sit just a bit.Rinse the strawberries and cut them in smaller pieces.
  • Divide the berries in 5 to 6 glasses.
  • Top the glasses with the cooled buttermilk mixture and place them in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours.
  • Serve chilled and decorated with edible flowers…Enjoy!