Colourful Flatbreads with Sweet & Savoury Topping

As some of you might recall I have a major thing for anything with dough. Yes, pizza, burger, wraps, pies, pitas you name it I literally can’t get enough. This has sometimes resulted in some ambivalent feelings towards my cravings and diet, since I am also a firm believer that cutting back on starchy carbs … Read more

Broccoli Buns – Green, Groovy & Grain Free

I am blessed with an exceptional well functioning stomach. I say this because I know many people who unfortunately are not! A belly out of balance is not to be joked with, as it can cause many hours of discomfort and feeling anti-social!Sourdough bread and croissants are among my favourite guilty-gluten-pleasures and I allow myself … Read more

Twisted Buns w. Almond & Cinnamon Filling + a Savoury Version

Here in the Nordic countries we have a quite amazing and beautiful tradition for making twisted buns filled with delicious stuff. I guess it began with Sweden twisting a cinnamon bun into a ‘Snurre’ and people were amazed and still are. And as I have mentioned before I am crushing on everything with bread – … Read more

The Perfect Basic Bun + a Chocolate Nutty One

I think we all have that favourite bread recipe, the one we always turn to and trust to come out perfect despite sometimes crazy alterations and fancy new add-ins. If not – please allow me to introduce you to my very own favourite bread recipe! To me one the most important factors when turning to … Read more