Banana Bread

It is time for me to share one of my favourite bread recipes. It is in the sweet-bread category along with pumpkin bread, lemon loaf and zucchini bread! It is amazing and due to the fact that it is a ‘bread’ you should definitely enjoy it with a good layer of butter! It is a … Read more

Nordic Crisp Bread with Seeds & Whole Grain Flour

Crispy, crunchy, wholesome, tasty and totally addictive, sounds good to you too?? These small crispy fellows are just to die for. Here in Denmark Crisp bread also called ‘knækbrød’ is something that we eat on a regular basis. It’s perfect for a snack, to substitute a heavy loaf of bread or just if you feel … Read more

Saturday Farmers Market & A Lovely Lunch

Early on this beautiful saturday morning (yes, today I’ve been like an hurricane) I went to the local farmers market to buy flowers and a lot of colorful and pretty vegetable which are in season right now. I simply love to go there, which I have ever since I was a little girl in the … Read more