Post baby update & Awesome Berry and Almond Muffins

Yes, you actually saw correct! It is a new one, yes! A new recipe, blog post… a voice, here on this space, one that has been silent for waaaaay to long! I was almost mortified when it actually occurred to me that it has been SIX month since I last posted something. You might now … Read more

The Healthiest Breakfast Ever – Green Veggie loaded Smoothie Bowl

I’m normally getting into my usual smoothie-lovin self when we are hitting spring and summer. But lately these cold and grey days have made me crave something filled with summer vibes and most of all something healthy, fresh and nutrient filled. It might be influenced by the fact that I love comfy and warm dishes … Read more

Whole Grain Pumpkin Waffles w. Warm Spices

The other day I had my BFF Nanna over for one of our weekly cozy-dates. At the moment we are having our yearly Harry Potter movie marathon (guilty pleasure) and for those special occasions we need something to sweeten our already sweet time on the couch. There is something about the British HP-universe that makes … Read more

Date & Almond Yoghurt to-go

Currently my everyday starts pretty early – this means that getting all the sleep you can, without turning in at 9 pm, becomes a top priority. My favourite trick to half an extra hour on the pillow is as simple as breakfast to-go. First of all I do not have anything resembling hunger when my … Read more

Raw Apricot Crumble

It is finally my turn to go on vacation, yay! And this year’s destination is both exotic and very tasty. We are going to Thailand, which is one of my absolute favourite Holiday Spots! Thailand is filled with bounty beaches, colourful night markets, street kitchens and a capital that I can never get enough of. … Read more