Chia ‘koldskåls’ porridge

Summer is finally here, and it’s time to unplug, relax and recharge for all the new and exciting things coming my way. One of my favorite summer treats is Koldskål, a Nordic dessert soup made with yogurt, sugar, lemon, and vanilla. I’ve experimented with it a lot, making delicious shakes, ice cream, and chia porridge. … Read more

Carrot Cake Recipe

I have been searching high and low for a carrot cake that is both healthy and delicious, and I have finally found it! There’s a lot of talk about carrot cake being a healthier option, but in my opinion, that’s not always the case. Most recipes have just a little bit of carrot thrown in … Read more

Boost Yourself w. Beautiful Beetroot Juice

Have you ever heard of vitamins in a glass? Well, this beautiful, fresh juice I’m about to share with you is exactly that. It’s bursting with vitamins, and even those who aren’t too fond of vegetables will be smitten with this delicious drink. At the heart of this juice are beets. They bring beautiful color, … Read more

Green Veggie Loaded Smoothie Bowl (The Healthiest Breakfast Ever)

As much as I love a good smoothie, I’ve been craving something with more substance and many more health benefits lately. That’s why I’ve been starting my mornings with a nutrient-packed, loaded cereal bowl! It might seem weird to snuggle under a blanket with a big bowl of healthy “ice cream” in the middle of … Read more

Raw Apricot Crumble

The raw crumble is very tasty, and it is just as easy to make. You can put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes if you prefer a baked crumble. But in the summer, especially in hot weather, I prefer a cooler and fresher dessert.

Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping

I want to share a breakfast recipe that has changed my eating. It’s a simple bowl of porridge that packs a punch of flavor and will keep you feeling full and satisfied all morning long. One of the best things about this porridge is that a little goes a long way. Thanks to adding a … Read more