Birthday Layer Cake with Ice Cream & Avocado-Chocolate Mousse

Yes, finally that golden day in October arrived! You know the day where everything is as you wish, friends and family come to visit laughter and presents are everywhere and you just look gooood, yeah you know what I am talking about; My Birthday!! I am one of those incredible annoying grown ups who still … Read more

Weekend Trip, Friendship, Berries & Danish Autumn

Some of what I value most in life is definitely my friendships with all of my amazing, intelligent and beautiful girlfriends. Each one of them is unique and mean the world to me. That’s why getting the opportunity to gather a handful of them and spend a weekend away from the city in a beautiful … Read more

Breakfast Pancakes with Banana & Blueberries

In the last post we established that breakfast is the absolute greatest meal of the day, for me at least. Thats why I could not resist presenting you with this long time favorit recipe of mine, which melts even the coldest breakfast heart!I know that pancakes are a regular in many breakfast loving homes around … Read more

Raw Pies with Rocking Ricotta Cream

I haven’t really been too involved with the world of RAW food yet. Yes, I have tried a few cakes, a meal at a Raw food cafe and of course vegetarian dishes with a lot of raw vegetables which you could place in the raw food category. I just haven’t been that tempted by raw … Read more

Dreamy Cheesecakes with Lemon & Orange

I’m not afraid to admit it; I love desserts! Cakes, ice cream, chocolate simply anything sweet and creamy that will make me happy and satisfied. But we all know that it’s not a good idea to have dessert everyday, or is it. I’ll say it is, hell yeah, you just need to know how to … Read more

Plum & Almond Muffins

Last week when I had my kitchen loaded with fresh summer plums, these muffins were the first to see the light of day. I love muffins. Not alone are they quick and easy to make and you can turn almost all cake recipes you know into muffins, but you can so easily upgrade the ingredients … Read more

Yummy Plums Straight From the Oven

One of the best things about summer is all of the tasty and tempting fruit and vegetables you suddenly find yourself surrounded of. It is everywhere, at the marked, in the grocery store, seen in the menu cards and hey even in the gardens all over the country. People have trees and bushes bursting over … Read more