Mint & Choco Frappuccino gone Healthy and Sugar Free

I’m all about finding ways to enjoy my favorite treats in a healthier way, and that’s what inspired me to create this delicious Mint Chocolate Frappuccino. It’s the perfect summer drink, and it’s made with all-natural ingredients that keep your body feeling great. One of the best things about this Frappuccino is that it’s made … Read more

Green Veggie Loaded Smoothie Bowl (The Healthiest Breakfast Ever)

As much as I love a good smoothie, I’ve been craving something with more substance and many more health benefits lately. That’s why I’ve been starting my mornings with a nutrient-packed, loaded cereal bowl! It might seem weird to snuggle under a blanket with a big bowl of healthy “ice cream” in the middle of … Read more

Ice Coffee Shake

Hello coffee lovers! I have a confession to make – I am slightly, just slightly, addicted to coffee. I can go a day without it, but I rarely do. I love having a hot cup in the morning, after lunch, and after dinner. And let me tell you; it never fails to satisfy me. Coffee … Read more