Homemade Ice Cream with A Cherry Cheesecake Twist

I can always find an excuse to treat myself with a new, nice and shiny kitchen tool. Just take the last 6 months as an example, I managed to find plenty of reasons for buying a new juice maker, a new blender, a new stand mixer (still waiting for it to arrive, can’t wait) and … Read more

The Healthiest Breakfast Ever – Green Veggie loaded Smoothie Bowl

I’m normally getting into my usual smoothie-lovin self when we are hitting spring and summer. But lately these cold and grey days have made me crave something filled with summer vibes and most of all something healthy, fresh and nutrient filled. It might be influenced by the fact that I love comfy and warm dishes … Read more

Mint & Choco Frappuccino gone Healthy and Sugar Free

Yesterday I stumbled upon the third interview this summer with a beautiful woman explaining how her vacation does not really begin until she stands in the airport with a huge Starbucks Frappuccino, ready to take on this years summer holiday. And yes it is so true that summer and vacation screams: ‘Let go of everyday … Read more

Caramelized Banana & Coconut Ice Cream Popsicles

It has been quite a busy Easter this time around, resulting in a postponed blog post, but now it has all quite down and I am ready to share a little new favourite of mine. Since we have received so much sunshine and spring atmosphere already I thought it was time to release my ice … Read more