Strawberry & Coconut Milkshake

Spring is here! And I couldn’t be more excited! The craving for refreshing drinks like shakes, smoothies, and juices comes along with the warmer weather. And let me tell you: There’s nothing like a berry shake to quench that thirst. I can’t help but crave berries in my shakes, even though berry season isn’t quite … Read more

Breakfast Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Ready for a delicious, healthy treat that feels like ice cream for breakfast? That’s exactly what I have for you today! Introducing my frozen smoothie bowl, which is colorful and packed with veggies. With this delicious and nutritious breakfast option, summer mornings just got a whole lot sweeter. Who wouldn’t want to start the day … Read more

Mint & Chocolate Frappuccino (Sugar Free)

You’re standing at the airport, passport in hand, excitement bubbling over. Your much-awaited summer holiday is about to start. But you realize something is missing. Something sweet, refreshing, and indulgent. Then you spot the Starbucks counter and it hits you—a Frappuccino is the missing puzzle piece to kick off your summer adventure. This happened to … Read more

Boost Yourself w. Beautiful Beetroot Juice

Have you ever heard of vitamins in a glass? Well, this beautiful, fresh juice I’m about to share with you is exactly that. It’s bursting with vitamins, and even those who aren’t too fond of vegetables will be smitten with this delicious drink. At the heart of this juice are beets. They bring beautiful color, … Read more