The Healthiest Breakfast Ever – Green Veggie loaded Smoothie Bowl

I’m normally getting into my usual smoothie-lovin self when we are hitting spring and summer. But lately these cold and grey days have made me crave something filled with summer vibes and most of all something healthy, fresh and nutrient filled. It might be influenced by the fact that I love comfy and warm dishes … Read more

Mint & Choco Frappuccino gone Healthy and Sugar Free

Yesterday I stumbled upon the third interview this summer with a beautiful woman explaining how her vacation does not really begin until she stands in the airport with a huge Starbucks Frappuccino, ready to take on this years summer holiday. And yes it is so true that summer and vacation screams: ‘Let go of everyday … Read more

Breakfast Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Many of you might have noticed that the blog has been a little unstable the last couple of weeks. As the mother of this blog it has been kind of nerve wrecking and caused some sleepless nights. But currently we (read: a very talented and helpful guy) are working on improving the site. So hopefully … Read more

Strawberry & Coconut Milkshake

As soon as spring knocks on the door I instantly begin to crave shakes, smoothies and juices. I love refreshing drinks and I could almost live of these if I didn’t stop myself and ordered some solid food on board as well.Even though the berry season has not yet kicked in it’s still my favourite … Read more

Immune Boosting & Anti Inflammatory Juice

Welcome to the New Year!!Hope everyone had an amazing night with tasty food, buubly booze and music all night long! I myself had a wonderful night filled with a lot of delicious food (did y’all see that cheese cake on Instagram), games, music and laughter and one huge jump into the new year 12 o’clock.Well … Read more

Sparkling Summer Lemonade with Grapefruit & Lemon

I am so proud to announce that I have started doing freelance recipe developing for The Guardian Cook. They have been featuring some of the recipes from the blog for a while now – and recently they asked me to come up with even more recipes to fit into their weekly ’10 best recipe’ issues. … Read more