Oven Baked Eggplants also known as Aubergines

Okay, we need to establish a few things here. I know that this vegetable is called Eggplant in many english speaking countries, but I have to agree with Sara B. from My New Roots  eggplant simply sounds unappealing, whereas Aubergine seems like an exotic and (for danish people at least) a far more well known … Read more

Dreamy Creamy Dal – the Perfect Comfort Meal

Are you ready for a lil’ friday comfort treat? As we have established a few times Autumn = Comfort food on so many levels. And at the same time, I would like to spend the majority of my time under a blanket in the couch instead of in front of the stow, so I prefer … Read more

Feta feast – Savory Pie with Leeks and Creamy Feta

It is no secret that I love cheese and especially feta! So I was rather excited when I got the offer to develop three delicious recipes in co-operation with Taverna. I got creative in the kitchen and made three summer-inspired recipes were I used some different versions of their cheeses. My favorite by far ended up … Read more

Beetroot Patties with Feta & Fresh Mint

Patties, sometimes also called fritters, are one of my absolute favourite foods. There are just as many things to love about them as there are ways to make them. I have different favourite patties for different seasons. Here during summer I have made my light, green favourite Zucchini Patties. When autumn and winter comes it … Read more