Summer Plum Compote

Once again we have been harvesting a whole lot of ripe and very delicious plums from our little green garden. I always get a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of fruit and I instantly start to plan how I can get the most out of it. This year I went for a simple but … Read more

Parsley Hummus with Crispy Butter Toasted Rye Crackers

The need for fresh food as spring arrives does not only cover Milkshakes. I suddenly wanna have fresh meals, preferable not cooked to much, and crispy, raw salads are often on the menu. Sometimes the weather can even affect appetite and smaller portions and snacks are chosen opposed to heavier meals.The last couple of weeks I … Read more

Coconut Nutella – as simple as that

Yup – you heard me right! COCONUT NUTELLA – like the sound of it? I bet you do!I seriously love it when you can make the most delicious food products with only a few ingredients. Banana-ice-cream, nut butters, rawesome date caramel and now this nutella all have the same thing in common; they are made … Read more

Sesame & Honey Spread

Oh Nooooo – I just spend 1 hour writing a post that just suddenly disappeared!! That said – let’s move on.. Lately I have been making a lot of different dished both from my own experimental recipes and speaking of…the whole apartment is smelling like chicken, pesto and spinach lasagne right now – SO exciting! … Read more