Sesame & Honey Spread

I have a treat for all of you out there who love a good spread on your bread. This Sesame & Honey Spread is a game changer. It’s so rich in flavor and texture that you could enjoy it on its own, but why stop there? I’ve tried this spread in all sorts of different … Read more

Summer Plum Compote

Making a plum compote is easy, and you can use any plums you have on hand. I used the red plums that were in our garden, but you can use yellow plums or green plums as well. Using ripe plums that are sweet and juicy is the key to making a delicious compote. The process … Read more

Avocado on Toast

Avocado toast has become a staple in the world of breakfast and brunch. It’s easy to make. It’s delicious and packed with healthy fats and nutrients. I’ll show you how to make the perfect avocado toast at home in this recipe. Add toppings like tomatoes, eggs, or smoked salmon to make it even more delicious. … Read more

Coconut Nutella – as simple as that

I am so excited to share one of my latest kitchen discoveries – homemade coconut butter! It sounds crazy that you can make butter out of dry, shredded coconut, but trust me, it’s not only possible. It’s delicious. I’m a big fan of simple recipes that pack a big flavor punch, and this one is … Read more