Chicken Shawarma – Twistet & Tasty

Well it is time for Shawarma + a little competition are you ready?Most of us living in the city can go around the corner and find a classic shawarma. And sometimes it is the classic store bought version you want, which can actually be difficult to replicate at home – what is it that they … Read more

Melanzane alla Parmigiana di nuovo

The other day it was time to try an old classic but to me new exciting dish! I Have always been fan of Italian food since their cuisine is so intriguing, filled with slow cooked tomato sauces, fresh herbs, golden drops of olive oil and oh ooh the fabulous spaghetti, pasta, bread etc. Since I’m … Read more

Grain Free Coconut Porridge with Flax & Eggs

I few weeks ago I got the idea to create a grain free porridge. This might seem a bit weird since porridge is literally made out of grains. You can easily come up with a gluten free version (hallo buckwheat and quinoa) and you might even try to sneak in the famous chia pudding to … Read more

Poached Egg on Asparagus & Creamy Avocado

Food and people aren’t really that different. Some are sweet, lovely and more beautiful during summer time. Others are handsome and bulky and thrive best during winter time. There are those who have a hard and cold surface but on the inside they will be soft and irresistible. And regardless if we are talking food … Read more

Rye Galettes with Caramelized Fennel, Apple & Goats Cheese

You know the old say about how you should always have a note blog and a pen at your night stand, because all the good ideas and thought appear just before you fall asleep or during the night. Apparently you are too busy to listen to your brain during the day, that is why as … Read more

Vegan Veggie Loaf with Hazelnuts & a little surprise

At this very moment it is 5 pm in Denmark and the sun has already been set for the past two hours. We are at the time of year where we have the least amount of daylight, and I’m telling you it does complicate things a bit. First of all, I need to say that … Read more

Chestnut Butter a Perfect Christmas Giveaway

It is time to begin thinking about ideas for small cozy christmas giveaways. I always bring some sort of homemade treat when I am visiting friends and family during Christmas, or include a little jar or box with some mouthwatering joy when I give presents to my loved ones on Christmas eve. I think it … Read more