Chia ‘koldskåls’ porridge a new summer favourite

Chia koldskåls porridge - A tasty love story

Well well, the clock has turned towards holiday hour and it is time to officially unplug and reload! I am gonna use this summer to mentally prepare myself for all the new and exciting things that are gonna take place start autumn. I am going to move – at least partly, since my master degree takes place in Copenhagen. So I’m gonna spend half my time over there hopefully in a little flat with a friend of mine (if anybody has an apartment for rent i Copenhagen, hands up now, you’ll be rewarded with lots of cake). While the remaining time will be spend here in í? ?rhus with Jonas and family. A new city, a new education and so many new possibilities. I love it – but must admit I am looking forward to having a couple of months to get myself prepared and hopefully installed so I am ready to face all of this ‘new’ coming to me.

Chia koldskåls porridge - A tasty love story

Last summer the blog was going strong all the way from Asia and I kept blogging as always. But since all of you are enjoying a bit of freedom, outdoor relaxation and time to unplug and reload on your own, I have decided that the blog will take a little holiday this summer as well, at least for a couple of weeks when I am away with my family.
If you lack a little summer inspiration and everyday recipe fun I will still be active on Instagram, where I have decided to post small recipes and ideas on how to sweeten your summer. I have already posted a little recipe for really easy frozen yoghurt and it seemed as people loved a little easy summer recipe in there too.

Chia koldskåls porridge - A tasty love story

Enough talk, now it is time for a new nordic summer favourite of mine. As you might have guessed from a look on my IG account I am pretty obsessed with the nordic Koldskål  and we seem to have a batch in the fridge almost non stop as soon as summer kicks in. This has lead to quite some experimenting with this cold and sweet yoghurt based dessert soup. I have added frozen berries and ice to it and made great shakes. I have given it a splash of cream and a spin in the ice cream maker and made myself a great ice cream. And finally I have added chia seeds and nuts and made an amazing and creamy chia porridge. This has soon become my go-to breakfast and dessert. And topped with seasonal flavour boosting berries and a splash of cream or coconut milk, I simply couldn’t ask for more.
Regardless you need to try Koldskål. And while you are at it you should make a huge batch and enjoy it with fresh fruit and a little granola. Afterwards you should make a shake as previously described and then a portion or two of the chia porridge. Then you’ll see why I am obsessed!

For now I wish all of you a happy and sunny July and look forward to sharing healthy meals and wholesome living with you on the other side.
Love Josephine  

Chia koldskåls porridge - A tasty love story

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Chia ‘koldskåls’ porridge

Classic nordic koldskål (summer soup) with lemon & eggs
makes 2 liters

1 liter cultured buttermilk
1 liter thick cultured yoghurt (You can also use greek yoghurt or soy yoghurt)
3 large organic eggs – or pasteurised if you prefer
1 tsp ground vanilla or beans from 1 thick vanilla pod
6 Tbsp of coconut sugar or sweetener of your choice
Zest and juice from 1 organic lemon

Combine eggs, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and  whisk thoroughly until the sugar has dissolved and you have a creamy mix. Pour in the remaining ingredients and whisk all of it together. Store the koldskål in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Chia ‘kolskåls’ porridge
Serves 1

4/5 cup classic nordic koldskål
3 Tbsp chia seed
5-10 chopped nuts

To serve
Seasonal fruit (here in the north we have berries ad libitum, yay)

In a bowl or  serving glass combine all the  ingredients for the chia porridge and stir. Place in the fridge (preferable the  night before enjoying it) stir one time before you go to bed. The nest morning you have a lovely and  creamy porridge. Serve with your  favourite fruit in season – and a splash of heavy cream (so good).

Chia koldskåls porridge - A tasty love story