Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie w. Brownie Crust (Vegan)

Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie - A tasty love story

Wow guys we are almost ready to enter a new year, perhaps some of you across the globe already have! I am always super excited to begin a new beautiful year. I know that nothing really changes overnight, but I guess I just like to tic of one year and feel the butterflies in my stomach as I think of all the new and exciting experiences I’ll (hopefully) have throughout the new year to come.
I am so grateful for many things that has filled the past year of my life. Visiting Thailand again for an entire month, starting, my own company, beginning the last year of University ever by starting my master thesis and at last moving back home to my city, my love and my life! It has truthfully been a great yet challenging year and I am grateful for all experiences both those good and tear-filled.

Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie - A tasty love storyChocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie - A tasty love story

Now I know it is way to late to present you with a cake for you to whip up for tonight, especially since it need a night in the freezer. So instead I’ll like to present a cake FOR the New Year to come, cause non of us is expecting a year without cake right? And this is both healthy, nutritious, easy to make and vegan for those searching such an alternative.
To prove how nutritious this cake is – I will admit that we enjoyed a piece for post workout breakfast today, we simply couldn’t resist, and since banana, sweet potato, avocado and yes chocolate are the main ingredients, we allowed ourselves a little breakfast cake treat.
The cake takes no more than 25 min to whip together, and then you just need to put it in the freezer and whip up the 5-min-chocolate-sauce and you have a winning dessert. I have been inspired by my favorite childhood and travel dessert ‘Banana Split’ and all the flavors are definitely present and I think this might be my new favorite grown-up banana split!
So HAPPY New year to all of you – and I can’t wait to share yet another foodie year with you here at the blog.

Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie - A tasty love story

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Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie with Brownie Crust
Serves 10-12

Brownie Crust
2 small cooked and cold sweet potatoes (140 g)
1 ripe avocado
50 g roasted almonds, chopped
5 Tbsp maple syrup or honey
2 Tbsp Cocoa powder
3 tbsp coconut fiber (40 g)
2 Tbsp good Rum (optional)

Banan Ice Cream
6 very ripe frozen bananas, peeled in pieces (600 g)
165 ml full fat coconut cream
A generous pinch of salt
1/2 tsp ground vanilla

Chocolate sauce
80 g dark high quality chocolate (use vegan chocolate is vegan)
165 ml full fat coconut cream

Mash or blend sweet potato and avocado thoroughly together. Mix in the rest of the ingredients except the coconut fiber and stir until combined. At last add coconut fiber and mix. Use a 22 cm (8 inch) spring-form cake pan. Fasten a piece of parchment paper between the ring and then bottom of the spring form. Use your hands to firmly press the crust out in the pan until it covers the whole bottom. Place it in he freezer.
Make the banana ice cream simply by blending frozen bananas and coconut milk in good high speed blender or food processor. Add salt and vanilla, stop blending as soon as you have a smooth and creamy ice cream. Take the spring-from from the freeze, pour in the ice cream, flatten the top with a spoon and place back in the freezer, over night or at least 6 hours.
Before serving you prepare the chocolate sauce. Heat the coconut milk slowly in a pot. Then add chopped chocolate and stir it into the warm coconut milk – keep stirring until all the chocolate is melted.
Now take the cake from the freezer. Remove it from the spring-form and place on a plate. Pour over the chocolate sauce and cut the cake into slices.

Chocolate & Banana Split Ice Cream Pie - A tasty love story