Danish ‘Fastelavnsboller’ with a Coconut & Lemon Twist

You all know carnivals – colourful parties with people in costumes and all sort of traditions according to the different cultures and geographic location. Here in Denmark it is called Fastelavn, which is primarily a festive day for children all over the country. They get to wear costumes, play games, eat a lot of candy and go trick or treat around the neighborhood.

But there is actually a deeper meaning behind this lovely tradition… Did you know that back in the old Egypt they celebrated the time of year when the Nile flooded and the cycle of life and yet another year repeated once again.. and back in the old Rome they celebrated the survival of spring… with a party, a carnival!
That is exactly where we find ourself right now. At least here on the northern part of the globe, we slowly begin to see the first signs of spring – some of the birds have returned, the sun is with us again and the days are getting longer and brighter! And if that is not worth celebrating with a colourful carnival, then I don’t know what is!

As you all know a cool and magical tradition like this needs a special treat that can match the awesomeness of it. Luckily that is no problem in this case, we have the most delicious and perfect sweet treat to celebrate the arrival of spring, yay!

Anything doughy filled with cream and jam has a special place in my heart  actually just anything with dough  and these little fellows are no exception. We do call them ‘Fastelavnsboller’ or Carnival buns, but I must admit that this is not the only time of year where I eat these… I just choose to call them something else 🙂
They often comes in an unhealthy buttery and refined version, which tastes really good and is not to be tampered with unless you’ve got the proper skills. BUT I must say that I have actually managed to make a pretty good and improved version, still including a soft cream and a moist dough!

I have added some of the magical Kamut flour and some rolled oats and thereby made it into a whole grain dough. Further more there is a significantly reduced fat content of only 20 grams of lovely coconut oil and then a little coconut flour to match and to add a little extra magic touch to the dough. The cream is made out of skimmed milk, cornstarch, vanilla and an egg, and then I added lemon zest to give a little edge and some more aroma. The jam is free of choice and you can use whatever you have on hands, I just love raspberry jam in these, it kinda feels right 🙂

Fastelavn, carnival or not, these buns will do the trick… I even added a little nutrition info in the bottom of the recipe – and you’ll like the numbers!!

Buns filled with lemon cream & jam
Makes 9 buns
0,4 cup milk (100 ml)
0,9 oz fresh yeast (25 g)
1 Tbsp Coconut oil or butter (20 g)
2 Tbsp coconut sugar/or reg. sugar or sweetener of your choice
3 Tbsp greek yoghurt (50 g)
1 1/4 cup Kamut flour – or another light wholegrain flour (125 g)
1/2 – 3/4 cup refined wheat flour (50-75 g)
1 handfull rolled oats
3 Tbsp ground dried coconut (25 g) Optional
1/2 tsp cardamom
A pinch of salt

Lemon cream
1 egg, large
0,8 cup whole milk (200 ml)
1 Tbsp cornstarch
2 Tbsp coconut sugar/ reg. sugar or  sweetener of your choice
1/2 tsp ground vanilla or beans from 1/2 pod
Lemon zest from 1 organic lemon

2 Tbsp powdered sugar or coconut fibers (to dust)
9 tsp organic or homemade jam (I used this jam)

1. Make the dough by dissolving yeast in lukewarm milk. Add coconut oil (melted or soft) and yoghurt and stir. Add the rest of the dry ingredients, hold back on the white refined flour and add a little at a time until the dough is perfect, soft and elastic. Use your hands to knead it, place it back in the bowl, cover it with a kitchen cloth and let it rest a warm place for one hour.
2. Meanwhile make the cream. In a pot mix all if the ingredients, whisk together. Place it on medium heat and stir all the time, until it slowly starts thickening (this takes about 10 min). Remove from heat and pour it into a bowl and let it cool.
3. When the dough is ready, use a rolling pin to spread out the dough in the shape of a rectangle (same thickness as a chubby pie crust). Cut it into 9 pieces (cut 3 x 2).
4. Add 1 generous Tbsp of cream and 1 tsp of jam on each (see photos) – but watch out in order not to overfill, because then they will be impossible to close again without all the filling slipping out.
5. Seal the buns by pulling together the corners and pressing them shut, important to close all folds and holes, this can be tricky but practise makes perfect 🙂 Place buns on a parchment lined baking stone with the ‘sealing’ down. Cover the buns with a cloth and let them rise for 30 min.
6. Preheat oven to 450   °F/ 225   °C. Bake the buns for approximately 8 min. It is very important to keep an eye on them, they should only just get slightly golden, otherwise they can get a bit dry.

Set aside to cool. Dust with powdered sugar when serving them..Yum!

Nutrition Info:
For every bun you’ll get: 200 kcal (Perfect for a snack meal!!) – And they contain 1,6 g of fibre pr. bun and only 5,5 g of fat.