Date & Almond Yoghurt to-go

Currently my everyday starts pretty early – this means that getting all the sleep you can, without turning in at 9 pm, becomes a top priority. My favourite trick to half an extra hour on the pillow is as simple as breakfast to-go. First of all I do not have anything resembling hunger when my alarm goes of at 5 or 6 am. Secondly I really prefer to enjoy my meals, including my breakfast, meaning that I don’t want to stand up eating a bowl of porridge while brushing on mascara and therefor breakfast requires at least 20 min of peace and a lil’ relaxation on the couch. And at last I sometimes take the morning train from Copenhagen to Aarhus in what feels like the middle of the night – and here the breakfast jar comes real handy too.

As a result I prepare a to-go jar every night before I tuck in and in the morning I can quickly grab my breakfast to-go and enjoy it later on in the train or in the study hall with a steaming cup a coffee.
I have made this yoghurt in different version – but I keep coming back to this one. I love almond butter paired with the sweet aromatic flavour of dates. But I must admit that the dates are quite often substituted with a tsp of coconut sugar or sukrin gold – simply because I am too lazy to grab a blender and you can easily stir in the sugar instead of blending.
Toppings can be whatever you prefer – and at the moment I make different batches of homemade granola and add a couple of spoonfuls together with 1/2 – 1 piece of chopped fruit.

Date & Almond Yoghurt to-go - A tasty love story

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Date & almond yoghurt to-go
Serves 2

400 ml yoghurt, I use Greek yoghurt 2%
4 dates, soft or soaked (can be substituted by 1 tbsp of sweetener)
1-2 tbsp almond Butter
1/2 tsp ground vanilla

Fresh fruit
Frozen berries
Roasted nuts, coconut flakes or seeds

In a bowl or jar add all the ingredients for the yoghurt and blend/stir until well combined.
Divide the yoghurt into two jars and top with some fresh fruit. Keep the ‘dry’ toppings aside until you are going to have your breakfast – so that it does not get soggy.

Date & Almond Yoghurt to-go - A tasty love story