Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad + Fried Mushrooms

Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad - A tasty love story

In Denmark we have had a long and beautiful relationship with a very special, yet simple, type of food. Most Danish children are ‘built’ on this – and most of us enjoy it for lunch throughout our entire life. It’s not too many years ago that a mysterious, tempting and different rival (aka. The Sandwich) approached and for the first time ever threatened our national lunch hero, but despite the new competition it’s still going strong. We have our own word(s) for it, with large regional variations, that are not easily translated, but I have tried to do my best. So let me present our precious and long time love: The open faced rye sandwich!
Many of your might know that rye bread is quite the  thing here in Denmark – we adore it and believe that you almost cannot live with out it. And I must admit it will be my forever quick and easy go-to food. And seriously nothing beats a toasted piece of rye splattered with cold butter & salt OR with a ripe avocado.

Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad - A tasty love story

But it’s not all about the bread. I have a thing for certain different fillings to. A favourite of mine the  Egg Salad  have already been shared here on the blog, and I must say it has some creamy delicious resemblance to the recipe in question. Cause today I want to share this creamy chicken and apple salad. It is filled with flavour and yet very mild and simple. The seasonal apples adds a perfect crisp texture and give the creamy dish a lighter touch. Traditionally the mushrooms are added as a part of the chicken salad, but I just love fried mushrooms and again they add a lighter touch when used as topping instead of filling. The pomegranate explode with sweetness and a little acidity + they makes the dish look sooo pretty!
You can of course use whatever bread you have on hand, or even grab a big bowl of crispy lettuce and top with dollops of chicken salad. Bon appetite.

Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad - A tasty love story

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Open face rye sandwich with creamy chicken & apple salad

A light lunch for 4

400 g chicken breast
1 red apple
2 generous handfuls of herbs (parsley, thyme and/or cress)
150 g creme fraiche
25 g mayonaise
1 tsp Worcester sauce
1 tsp applecider vinegar
1/2-1 tsp salt
A pinch of nutmeg
Fresh pepper

Fried mushrooms
300 g mixed mushrooms, brushed and cleaned
Butter & oil
Fresh thyme

To serve
4-8 pieces of ryebread, or another type of bread
Crispy lettuce

Heat a skillet. Add a little butter/oil and fry the chicken until golden and well done. Set a side.
Add a little extra fat and fry the mushrooms. Place them in the skillet and let them be (NO STIRRING) turn them after a couple of minutes and fry on the other side. Remove when golden and delicious.
In a large bowl stir together creme fraiche, mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, vinegar, salt, nutmeg and pepper. Season to taste. Finely slice apple and chop herbs. Add both to the bowl. Tear up the chicken breast and mix everything well together.
Assemble the open sandwich by taking a piece of bread, add a lettuce leave, a generous portion of chicken salad and top with fried mushrooms and pomegranate.

Open Face Rye Sandwich with Creamy Chicken & Apple Salad - A tasty love story