Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping

Lately I have been starving when I wake in the morning. Normally I can go for a green smoothie or a bowl of yoghurt, but this seem to no longer be sufficient and I have been (happily) forced to come up with a more filling and nutritious go-to breakfast!
It’s not the my first attempt with adding eggs to porridge, I personally try to add eggs to a lot of things to increase the nutrient and protein content of my meals. But the thing with porridge is that I normally get enough of it before even finishing the portion. It gets a little heavy on me and I loose interest. Furthermore it’s one of those very seasonal dishes that only appear on my plate between October and February. Well all rules have exceptions and this has definitely proven to be one of them.

Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping - A Tasty Love Story

First of all, this little portion of porridge fills you up like crazy since you get an entire egg from a relatively small amount of porridge. I prefer to top it with almost the same amount of greek yoghurt, since I feel it balances the porridge and provides a lighter and more fresh meal. Then due to the glorious season we are now in, I top it with watery and juicy fruit as watermelon, berries, mango etc. and a little toasted coconut to further enhance the tropical summer feelings. All in all I get totally satisfied both when it comes to satiety and flavours and this breakfast meal has so far not bored me half way through – though I have given in a few times due to satiety before getting to finishing up!

Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping - A Tasty Love Story

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Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping
Serves 2

2 organic eggs
50-60 g rolled oats
1/2 cup milk of your choice (125 ml)
1/2 cup water (125 ml)
1/4 tsp ground vanilla
A pinch of salt

Topping ideas
Greek yoghurt, a large dollop on each bowl
Fruits as: Watermelon, mango, banana, berries etc.
Toasted coconut flakes
Roasted nuts
Buckwheat crisps (Get the recipe from my new roots cookbook, so good)

In a pot combine all ingredients for the porridge, stir well together. Turn on medium heat, and stir the porridge until is has become thick and creamy.
Divide the porridge into two bowls. Top with yoghurt followed by your preferred topping. Serve straight away.

Protein Packed Porridge with Tropical Topping - A Tasty Love Story