Sesame & Honey Spread

Oh Nooooo – I just spend 1 hour writing a post that just suddenly disappeared!!

That said – let’s move on.. Lately I have been making a lot of different dished both from my own experimental recipes and speaking of…the whole apartment is smelling like chicken, pesto and spinach lasagne right now – SO exciting! But I have actually also followed recipes that wasn’t my own creation which has been really cool and giving. Normally I am horrible when it comes to following a recipe. I always end up adding, removing and changing so many things that in the end I have created a new recipe. This is really beneficial if you wanna develop recipes, but pretty annoying if you actually for once want to try how the newest salad from Good Things Grow taste like…

A couple of weeks ago I did the magic thing and followed a recipe from the beginning to the end. The life changing loaf of bread  from My New Roots. It is a quite popular bread and many of you have probably already made it, tasted it or are planning to try it very soon. I think it is lovely and it does remind me of the grain free paleo bread which is very popular at the moment too – remember this?  The great thing about Sara’s bread is that it is vegan and even though it is filled with nuts and seeds it still contains some lovely grains in the shape of oat, which gives a lot of fibre and a little less calories than you’ll get from the nuts and seeds.

Well, what’s a bread without a spread? In this case you can actually enjoy the bread as it is because it’s so rich in taste and texture, but that would not be very fun. So I made a super Sesame & Honey Spread to enjoy on a slice of toasted bread. Turns out that this spread is absolutely adorable and highly addictive. It is fantastic on toasted bread (here any whole grain bread counts), in smoothies. as apple dip, on pancakes, in porridge or just straight from the spoon!
This sesame butter-spread-dip-topping (you name it) is a lovely addition to the already huge nut butter family. It differs in the fact that it is has some sweetness to it and is very aromatic (Note: use dark, thick, unhulled tahini) meaning that it will provide any dish with a little extra touch and some flavour luxury.
Are you tempted to try it? If not imagine these pancakes  with a lovely thick layer of Sesame & Honey Spread topped with fresh fruit and berries – bet you’re running to the kitchen now, ha.. At least I am – and not only to eat an entire chicken lasagne on my own!!

Sesame and Honey spread
Makes 1 little jar
1/2 cup dark unhulled tahini (125 g)
1 1/2 Tbsp  honey – preferable aromatic flower honey (30 g)
Water to thin texture
1 tsp vanilla extract (beans from 1 pod)
a pinch of salt
(If you feel like it 1/2 tsp of lemon zest is lovely too)

Mix all of the ingredients together. Add water until the desired texture, I aimed at a creamy peanut butter texture. Season to taste, you might prefer more honey, vanilla or salt – or just need that little extra which the lemon zest will then provide 🙂

Keep in fridge. It will get a little thicker and more dry in it’s texture, but then just stir a bit and leave on the counter for a few minutes or add a little extra water.

Use the sesame & honey butter as a spread on toast (do I need to say more) or use it as a dip to E.g. apples, pears etc. You could also add a Tbsp on your porridge or pancakes in the morning 🙂