Slow Roasted Carrots with Top-Pesto and Steamed Cauliflower

As a freelance food developer and photographer I often get some cool and very inspirational jobs, that really sets my creativity and love for seasonal produce on fire. Last summer I was contacted by a fruit and vegetable company called Gasa Nord Grønt who wanted me to create seasonal recipes based on summer vegetables, yay! It was such a wonderful job, and resulted in a large veggie-basket accompanied with a pamphlet filled with my recipes that you could pick up in a number of grocery stores.
The best part of this job was that I actually ended up creating a recipe that has become one of my favorites. I love new carrots with the green top still attached. But I have always been a little sad that and soon as I got home I had to cut of the top and throw it away. But with this recipe I get to actually use the top – and it is marvelous! You simply use the best part of the top to make a delicious pesto that you get to serve along with the carrots raw or after a good slow roast in the oven. I know it is a bit early most places for carrots with top, but nonetheless they will be here soon, and we must prepare!

Baked carrots with top pesto and steamed cauliflower - A tasty love story

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Slow Roasted carrots with top-pesto and steamed cauliflower

Serves 4 people

1 bundle carrots with top
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey
Salt and pepper
1 little cauliflower head

The green soft top from the carrots
50 g kale/spinach
1 spring onion
30 g salty or roasted almonds
125 ml olive oil
30 g parmesan
Juice and zest from 1 organic lemon
1 tsp salt
Fresh pepper

Preheat oven to 150ºC / 300 ºF. Remove the green top from the carrots, and leave about 1-2 cm on the carrot. Scrub the carrot in cold water. Place carrots in a baking tray, rub them in oil, honey, salt and pepper. Bake the carrots in the oven for 45-60 min, until tender.

Grab the carrot top and gently nip of all the light green fury parts, leave the harder and dark green parts. Rinse in cold water. Rinse the spring onion, remove top and bottom and chop. Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until you have a chunky pesto. Season to taste.

Rinse the cauliflower and chop into smaller pieces. Steam them for 5 min and remove from the heat. Let them cool a bit before you toss them with 3-4 Tbsp of pesto.

Serve everything together as a vegetarian summer meal, or grill a pieces of fish or meat and enjoy it all together.

Oven roasted carrots - a tasty love story