Weekend Trip, Friendship, Berries & Danish Autumn

Some of what I value most in life is definitely my friendships with all of my amazing, intelligent and beautiful girlfriends. Each one of them is unique and mean the world to me. That’s why getting the opportunity to gather a handful of them and spend a weekend away from the city in a beautiful and bright little wooden house is something very special that I was so lucky to experience just this weekend! Besides laughing, dancing, talking, watching movies, walking in the woods and just being together, we tend to eat a lot of delicious and really comforting food. All of my girlfriends love food (one of the reasons that we have a weekly food-club where we cook food for each other) thats why being together 3 days in a row includes a lot of magic meals and fabulous food!
We went for a couple of long walks where we could not resist all of the amazing blackberries that literally was all over the place. We fought against spiders and other small bugs, oh yeah we did, and we ended up having a whole bag of blackberries with us as we returned to our little house. We had a lot of ideas on to how we could use the blackberries, and a lot of good ones as pie and rawesome compote, but we ended up including them big time in a fruit & berry cream swirl!

We have always had a thing for something juicy and sweet mixed with a lot of cream and chocolate. I remember us back in high school making several bowls filled with this and eating it with pleasure! It has sort of become our signature dessert, and yeah girls I know I started out complaining a bit since I am THE pie girl, but in the end the cream berry mix ended out tasting amazing! We had a lot of seasonal plums and apples on hands, and they were a perfect fit with blackberries and raspberries. One of the girls made a lovely lemon cream which was fluffy, only a bit sweet with a hint of lemon and it went along with the fruit and berries just perfectly. And since we have a chocoholic in the group (don’t worry Nicoline I won’t tell a soul) we had to incorporate both dark and white chocolate in the dessert, which luckily tasted amazing as well!
Next time I have a plan of using some of the beautiful rosehip and make a jam out of them, and a gel or syrup out of their pink and aromatic flowers…but that will be something to look forward to until next year!

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Fruit & berries in lemon cream
Serves 6

3 cups/300-400g mixed berries, E.g. blackberries, raspberries or blueberries.
2-3 ripe plums
2 apples
1 cups/100 g roughly chopped chocolate
– You can change the apples and plums for other seasonal fruit of your choice, and add more if you like it very fruity!

Lemon cream
3 egg yolks
3 Tbsp sugar – or more if your prefer it sweeter
1 tsp vanilla extrakt or beans from 1/2 vanilla pod
1 cups/250 ml full fat cream
Zest from 1 organic lemon

1. Wash and prepare the fruit
2. In a bowl use a mixer to whisk egg yolks, sugar and vanilla into a creamy and fluffy yellow mousse. Whisk until all of the sugar crystals have been dissolved. Add lemon zest.
3. In another bowl whisk cream into a fluffy and smooth cream. Add the whipped cream to the egg mousse, and slowly fold to incorporate until you have one homogenous light yellow cream.
4. Add all of the fruit and chocolate to the cream and mix it into one big bowl of love…. Or serve the fruit with chocolate chips and the cream separately, making sure people can dose the cream in the amount they wish. Some might prefer it with more cream than fruit (like me) or the other way around.

Enjoy, preferably in the company of these amazing five girls 🙂