Welcome to A Tasty Love Story… let the games begin

Dear fellow foodies all over the world. I have been looking forward to this day for a really really long time. About three years ago, I was looking for a healthy recipe on carrot cake…. and destiny led me to a wonderful place called Green Kitchen Stories, Oh My God, I was totally blown away by this beautiful online food paradise, which seemed as an unstoppable source of healthy, colorful and different recipes. Soon I discovered that the World Wide Web was full of these wonderful small places, where inspiring, food-loving people were sharing their kitchen magic with all of the rest of us, THANK YOU!

Ever since then I have been wanting to join this crowd of online foodies, but since I wanted to keep the same high level as the rest of you taking the last step has been a scary one. So after years of improving my kitchen skills, developing recipes and training my tastebuds I found myself ready to join the club. I’ve invested in a new camera (DSLR) and computer and hooked up with one of my favorite persons (web editor of this blog) Morten Husted Jensen who basically made this blog into a reality, yay! So now the only thing left to do is get my ass into the kitchen and share all of my foodylicious recipes with you!!!

As a teaser I’ve gathered some of my instagram pictures from all of my food experimenting and recipe testing the past 6 months… and now in the spirit of the ongoing olympics I’ll say; lets the games begin!