Immune Boosting & Anti Inflammatory Juice

Immune boosting & anti inflammatory juice - A tasty love story

Welcome to the New Year!!
Hope everyone had an amazing night with tasty food, buubly booze and music all night long! I myself had a wonderful night filled with a lot of delicious food (did y’all see that cheese cake on Instagram), games, music and laughter and one huge jump into the new year 12 o’clock.
Well the past year has been pretty damn exciting and this blog has definitely been adding a lot of new experiences, emotions and dreams to my life. I am so proud of how we are growing, how we learn about food in all aspects, how we have been challenging ourselves and how we keep on developing and inspire each other. And yes I mean all of you, myself and the blog! Cause I hear you in the comments, I learn from you as well and I love to see your own creations on Instagram and in the links you share with the rest of us! So thank you and lets keep on the journey we are already on!

Immune boosting & anti inflammatory juice - A tasty love story

The day before New Years Eve I got hid with a pretty nasty cold, and as I could see with my family and friends I have not been the only one lying flat this December! The air is cold, we are stressed with exams and work and our bodies desperately need warmth, energy and nutrients to keep on going!
I am a firm believer that you can cure almost everything (or at least help curing) with colourful and nutrient packed food! So the first thing I did when I woke up with a soar throat and a runny nose was to go juicing. Vitamin C is known for  boosting the immune system and you can actually cut of a few days of your sickness with a huge Vitamin C-kick! And ginger is known to be anti inflammatory, putting up a fight with the bacterias creating inflammation in the body! So I made a sunshine coloured juice filled with both of these to slow down the cold and restore my party mode before the big night!
The juice is a wonderful starter for any grey day! You feel reloaded and refreshed and I am sure it will help keep of any unwanted  bacterias. Join me on the juice-wave and get a bright and sunshiny start of this new wonderful year!

Immune boosting & anti inflammatory juice - A tasty love story

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Immune Boosting and Anti Inflammatory Juice
Makes one big glass

2 large (3 medium) carrots
1/4 organic lemon
1 orange, peeled
1 large (two small) apple
1 thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled
1 tsp oil (e.g. olive, almond, flax or fish)
A handful of crushed ice

Run all fruits and veggies through a juicer. Add crushed ice and oil and serve straight away.

You can double the portion and save the juice in an airtight bottle in the fridge, but for no longer than one day or you’ll loose too many of the wonderful vitamins. And if you feel like having this for breakfast you could blend in an avocado or banana together with the ice for more texture and have it as a smoothie!

Immune boosting & anti inflammatory juice - A tasty love story

  1. Happy New Delicious Juice!!!

    I use to make these kind of squashes
    and I can even taste yours with a pinch of ginger,.,.
    Mmnmnmnmm *very digestive!

    • Thank you dear Isabel! Hope you get to make this one, I’m sure you would love it!

  2. Asha@FSKAsha@FSK01-03-2014

    Starting the day with a healthy, homemade drink is so energy boosting! And ginger is fantastic for the winter. A really good recipe!

    • I agree so much, love it – just makes your whole body feel healthy and whole!

  3. love carrot + ginger combination but never add oil to it..hope you feel better :)

    • Thank you so much, all better already (must be that magic juice). I add the oil in order to balance the nutrients. From the juice you get a relatively high instant carb load, and by adding the oil you will not get that much fluctuation on your blood sugar ;)

  4. I really love your photos! They are gorgeous.
    This juice sounds so delicious :) I have to make it
    Happy new year!

  5. MorganeMorgane01-04-2014

    Happy New Year Josephine!

    I love your blog and recipes, definitely on par with my new roots, green kitchen stories and the likes (the side effect is that I now want to move north). The past year I’ve really been more adventurous in the kitchen thanks to you guys, I’ve loved discovering all these great nutritious foods (chia! hemp! kale! but butters! and so many more). I also love the fact that you’re majoring in nutrition – it’s reliable, and the things I’ve learned (like how the oil in the juice is dampening the blood sugar increase), it’s amazing. I wish I could do something back. Good luck with your exams, if what your posting here is any indication for your study skills, I’m sure you’re gonna rock them :) I’m going to make this juice now!

    greets from Belgium

    • Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for that wonderful comment! So proud to hear things like this – makes me wanna carry on big time, and make recipes in this New Year that rocks more than ever! Thank you!

  6. Your blog and pictures are fabulous. You with some of the other greats like “green kitchen stories”, “naturally Ella”, “sprouted Kitchen” etc. have all encouraged me this past year to be more adventurous in the kitchen and inspired me so much that I created my own food blog. Thank you for your wonderful recipes and all the inspiration! I have so much to learn but am enjoying the process :-)
    Can’t wait to give this juice a try!

    • That sound amazing. Congratulations on your blog and new adventure! Love the fact that we can all inspire each other and create this wonderful environment where healthy food is the Star and we all strive to get to known it in the best possible way! Good luck with everything!
      All the best from Josephine

  7. JoeJoe01-18-2014

    Could you use coconut oil?

    • No I would not use coconut oil since it would harden up and be lumpy in a cold juice :(

  8. MajkenMajken01-27-2014

    Gosh, all your recipes are always so wonderful! But I am curious which type/brand juicer do you use?

    • Thanks that is so great to hear ★ I use a Phillips HR1861 juicer and it is both cheap, really effective and easy to clean!

  9. Michele222Michele22202-19-2014

    Tried this for the first time tonight. Followed the recipe exactly and it is DELICIOUS! Having some issues with inflammation and want to self correct this, so bought a new juicer. This is my first concoction in it and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for sharing the recipe and thank you for answering the questions, as I had a few of the same.

    • That is amazing to hear, so glad it was a success :) Hope all the juicing and anti inflammatory ingredients will work wonders in your body!

  10. AnkitAnkit07-12-2014

    tried this recipe…. Amazing!!
    I am your fan :)

  11. DawnHDawnH08-23-2014

    I’m visiting my daughter in Illinois now and she does smoothies. I have a juicer at home in NY but I’m sick now, asthma has flared up. Just a mess smh

  12. laurielaurie08-30-2014

    Made this juice today. Very easy and quite delicious. I used a heaping cup of the remaining pulp for spice muffins. I cheated by using a boxed spice cake mix and 1 small tub of unsweetened apple sauce. Turned out moist and very good. Wish I knew a healthy recipe for the boxed spice cake! Question: can I freeze the pulp?

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