Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries and Violets

Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries

This is an elegant dessert for spring or summer gatherings. It’s light and refreshing yet rich and smooth.  You can find several mousse recipes, but this one offers a simple yet fantastic combination of Buttermilk and lemon. This dessert is a feast for your eyes and is topped with fresh strawberries and edible flowers.  What … Read more

Autumn Apple Cake

Autumn has officially arrived. I’m longing for grey days and colder temperatures. Yesterday I woke up to the sound of rain and felt inspired to start the morning in the kitchen with a few candles and to bake a spicy autumn treat. Since apples are in season and plenty of juicy ones are available in … Read more

Chocolate Cake Filled with Black Beans

Chocolate cake is one of the most requested flavors for birthdays and other celebrations. This recipe will surprise you. Not only because it is thick and rich with chocolate flavor but because of a few other hidden surprises within the cake itself. This is the one time you may find it okay to have a … Read more

Beasty Brownie with Sweet Potato & Dark Chocolate

I have a real passion for incorporating different ingredients and vegetables into cakes. This is what initially sparked my idea for the blog since I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and creating healthier alternatives to all the sugary treats we all love. So far, I’ve had success with recipes like: Black Bean Chocolate Cake … Read more

Rhubarb Clafoutis with Vanilla & Lemon – or as I would call it: A Thick Fruit Filled Pancake

Summer is in full swing and you know what that means – fresh, delicious fruits and veggies galore! I’m particularly fond of Nordic summer produce like peas, potatoes, elderflowers, tomatoes, and strawberries. But, as the season progresses, I can’t wait for cherries, plums, and hip roses to come into the season as well. And let’s … Read more

Summer Plum Compote

Making a plum compote is easy, and you can use any plums you have on hand. I used the red plums that were in our garden, but you can use yellow plums or green plums as well. Using ripe plums that are sweet and juicy is the key to making a delicious compote. The process … Read more

Pear Belle

This dessert brings back memories of my childhood when we would open a jar of marinated pears and enjoy them with a dollop of crème Fraiche. The flavor is comparable and brings back a sense of nostalgia for me, despite the difference in quality. Not only are the pears in this recipe stunning to look … Read more