Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries and Violets

Buttermilk & Lemon Mousse with Fresh Strawberries

This is an elegant dessert for spring or summer gatherings. It’s light and refreshing yet rich and smooth.  You can find several mousse recipes, but this one offers a simple yet fantastic combination of Buttermilk and lemon. This dessert is a feast for your eyes and is topped with fresh strawberries and edible flowers.  What … Read more

Chocolate Cake Filled with Black Beans

Chocolate Cake Filled with Black Beans

Chocolate Cake is one of the most requested flavors for birthdays and other celebrations. This recipe will surprise you immensely. Not only because it is thick and rich with Chocolate flavor but due to a few other hidden surprises within the cake itself. This is the one time you may find it okay to have … Read more

Autumn Apple Cake

Autumn has officially arrived, still we have quite the summer feeling here in little Denmark and the sun has been a steady companion during most of September. I have actually reached the point where I long for grey days and colder temperatures. I guess it is a mixture of being a real autumn-girl and being very … Read more

Beasty Brownie with Sweet Potato & Dark Chocolate

I definitely have a passion for adding different ingredients and vegetables to cake. This is what in the first place helped trick my idea for the blog, because I really love to play in the kitchen and inspire to make even tastier and way healthier alternatives to the bulky stuff we all love.So far I … Read more

Summer Plum Compote

Once again we have been harvesting a whole lot of ripe and very delicious plums from our little green garden. I always get a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of fruit and I instantly start to plan how I can get the most out of it. This year I went for a simple but … Read more

Pear Belle Josephine

I will start be apologizing for the title, I know it is cheesy – but frankly I couldn’t resist.I was developing some dessert recipes for a dairy brand a few weeks ago, where they had a classic pear belle Helene on the menu. I got very inspired and fell in love with the old classic … Read more

Blackberry & Feta Galettes

I am absolutely crazy about cheese. I love all kinds of different cheese varying from blue cheese, to caramelized brown Norwegian goats cheese. One of cheeses I use the most at home is feta cheese, often I go for the goat version, but I like to vary them and there is nothing like a good … Read more

Homemade Ice Cream with A Cherry Cheesecake Twist

I can always find an excuse to treat myself with a new, nice and shiny kitchen tool. Just take the last 6 months as an example, I managed to find plenty of reasons for buying a new juice maker, a new blender, a new stand mixer (still waiting for it to arrive, can’t wait) and … Read more