Raw Chocolate Porridge with fresh fruit & fibre

Oh you guys, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this with you! Not only because it has become my favourite snack meal/breakfast, but also due to the fact that it is a tribute to spring and all the amazing light summer meals that melts our hearts this time a year!I’ve been spamming my Instagram pretty … Read more

Strawberry Muffins with White Chocolate & Chickpeas

Yeees, I just finished my exam assignment this very moment! Two extremely good looking paper copies are lying here right beside me, ready to be handed in first thing tomorrow. I love this feeling of having accomplished something, even if it is  just writing an assignment, but it just feels great and makes you feel … Read more

Banana Bread

It is time for me to share one of my favourite bread recipes. It is in the sweet-bread category along with pumpkin bread, lemon loaf and zucchini bread! It is amazing and due to the fact that it is a ‘bread’ you should definitely enjoy it with a good layer of butter! It is a … Read more

Chocolate & Date Love Truffles

I want to share this beautiful recipe with you, but first I invite you to sit down and read this little ‘love story’ that comes with it! Last December I was in the fortunate situation to live in an apartment that was filled with a lot of love. My dear roommate and her amazing boyfriend … Read more

Birthday Layer Cake with Ice Cream & Avocado-Chocolate Mousse

Yes, finally that golden day in October arrived! You know the day where everything is as you wish, friends and family come to visit laughter and presents are everywhere and you just look gooood, yeah you know what I am talking about; My Birthday!! I am one of those incredible annoying grown ups who still … Read more

Beautiful Beetroot Cake Loaded with Chocolate

Oh yes, you are in for a treat this time! This cake is simply just amazing, and I really just want all of you to make it straight away to improve your life quality with about 20% within the first bite.  Now that’s said, you might wanna know what this fellow is made of. First … Read more

Weekend Trip, Friendship, Berries & Danish Autumn

Some of what I value most in life is definitely my friendships with all of my amazing, intelligent and beautiful girlfriends. Each one of them is unique and mean the world to me. That’s why getting the opportunity to gather a handful of them and spend a weekend away from the city in a beautiful … Read more