Baked cranberry oatmeal à la Christmas

Baked cranberry oatmeal

I have spend all day cleaning (so boring I know) and then finally decorating the apartment for christmas, yay!! Favourite decorations have got to be the ropes filled with presents, one rope for me with four nice tempting parcels and one rope for Jonas! I know that presents aren’t the most important part of christmas at all (it is the FOOD), but I really do think it adds a lovely twist to everything. The fact that you can spend a little money on your friends and family, and give away some “wrapped up” love is just amazing. I actually think the best part is giving presents to the people I care about. I just love to see the surprise and gratitude on their faces when they open up the goodies. However, the days and hours you spend with these fantastic people will of course be filled with much more than presents. It will be filled with colourful dishes, sweets, laughter and protruding stomachs! The loved and feared Christmas parties, lunches and dinners are what I absolutely love the most about Christmas, and I have slowly started sneaking in new colourful and healthy dishes to accompany the classic ones. This makes it a little easier to avoid the overfilled stomachs and the extra pounds.

Because you get so much food during the holiday Christmas season I believe that some have a tendency to skip breakfast during Christmas. However, if you eat a really healthy and wholesome breakfast in the morning, you will most likely eat less of the calorie filled food at the Christmas table.
That is why I have created this Christmas version of baked oatmeal. It will be perfect to throw in the oven a snowy winter morning and to be enjoyed freshly baked, topped with cold milk while sitting in front of the fire with your loved ones…okay a little dreamy, but this is definitely what I will be doing on Christmas morning!
I used cranberries for this version and they are in the fine company of a date and lemon cream, which is perfect when balancing the sour and tart berries. On top there is a lot of nuts, oats and of course some warm Christmas spices. You can use even more spices and nuts if you want. I actually used more nuts when I made it the first time, but it does get a little energy dense with too many nuts. As a result, I skipped some when I created the recipe.
Baked oatmeal is not very common in Denmark, many of my friends didn’t even know what it was when I told them. But it has really grown on me, and it was only recently that I tried it with cold milk, which only makes it even better!! So if you haven’t tried it before; do it now. And if this is already your preferred breakfast then you should try this tasty, wholesome and spicy version!!

Baked oatmeal with cranberry

Baked cranberry oatmeal

  1. TineTine11-29-2012

    Min søde veninde har lige sendt mig et link til din blog og hvor er jeg glad for det! Det er jo en vanvittig lækker blog du har! :)

  2. BlandineBlandine11-29-2012

    I love the look of this recipe – this will make a nice change to my usual breakfast for the Xmas season.

  3. Tine I am so glad that you like the blog (dejligt!!) and Blandine I feel exactly the same, it is wonderful to have different types of breakfasts to choose from.

  4. ALEXALEX12-01-2012

    You have the most beautiful recipes! I have bookmarked every single one!
    I can’t wait for more Christmas recipes…


    • Hi Alex. That makes me so happy, and I can’t wait to share more christmas recipes either..

  5. marlamarla01-18-2013

    Love this recipe! Will be linking back to this in my upcoming post :)

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