Yummy Plums Straight From the Oven

Baked plums with ice-cream

One of the best things about summer is all of the tasty and tempting fruit and vegetables you suddenly find yourself surrounded of. It is everywhere, at the marked, in the grocery store, seen in the menu cards and hey even in the gardens all over the country. People have trees and bushes bursting over with colorful, ripe fruit just waiting to be harvested and eaten, yum! Right now it is plums in particular which are dying to come and play in your kitchen…and luckily there are a lot of tasty treats you can invite them to be star in. Try plum chutney, plum jam, plums as accessories in salads and all sorts of baked goods and desserts, especially plum muffins (recipe for this one follow next week here on the blog) which is easy, moist and tasty.

The other day I was so lucky that I found myself in the company of a very fruitful and loving plum tree, and we made friends very fast! My parents in law had trouble eating all of the lovely plums (on their tree, yup it is in the family lucky me) so they gladly invited us to take all of the plums we wanted. So we carried a huge bag of plums home, and well they lasted about two days, so we had to make a little extra family visit again yesterday filling up yet another bag of flavor, juice and vitamins to-go.

But we didn’t just eat all of the plums raw, even though I admit they deserve this very much as well. Instead I got creative in the kitchen and started testing all sorts of plum recipes. One of the recipes that surprised us the most, was the very simple and delicious oven baked plums. Here you really get full credit of the plums and all of their natural flavors and juices. The plums are in company of a bit of vanilla sugar, a semi hot oven and together they have a party with a very tasty outcome.


I always strive to make as much from the bottom as possible. So in this case with a very simple recipe I would never go for a pre made, regular vanilla sugar. Instead I made a crunchy and tasty version by using a scrabed bourbon vanilla pod and some cane sugar, very easy and just so  much better.

Besides using a homemade vanilla sugar another little twist to this recipe is to bake the plums at very low heat for a long time. This leave the plums with almost all of their texture, juice and tasting even more sweet and aromatic than when fresh from the tree….. and they are even better when accompanied by a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!!

Plums straight from the oven
Serves 2

10 ripe plums
2 Tbsp cane sugar
1 vanilla pod, scraped

1. Preheat the oven to 100 ° C/225 ° F
2. Cut the plums in half and remove the stone.
3. Arrange the plums in an tart pan with the skin side down (you can also use another type of pan if you prefer). Sprinkle approximately 1 Tbsp of vanilla sugar on top of the plums, and place the pan in the middle of the oven. Safe the the rest of the vanilla sugar for later use, or use it to mix into some greek yoghurt and eat in on the side with the baked plums.
4. Bake the plums for approximately 1 hour  and 30 min, until the plums have curled up a little bit and look slightly baked and tender.

Eat the plums straight away with vanilla yoghurt or ice cream.

Remember this is a very light dish, and a nice alternative to sugary desserts and fruit tarts with buttery crust. You can even use it as a breakfast dish as long as you go with the yoghurt on the side..

Bon app ©tit & summer love,
Josephine Malene